Artist Close-Up: Shikobi’s Here We Go Again Is Hard Rock Heart

“We cannot ignore and must address key social issues.  But there is a time to dance, love, party, and celebrate the lighter side of life.” – Aaron Hession

Admittedly, I have never gravitated to hard rock. It does not mean that I hate it or dislike it, It just was never in my atmosphere. Yet, as a reviewer, and frankly a person, you must be open to all. Enter Shikobi’s newest single, Here We Go Again, to school me that no matter what genre, good music is good music.

There is a moment when you realize, that despite sonic or mental difference from what you know, a song can catch your heart and expand it. Here We Go Again is hard rock that stems from a sentimental catalyst. Hard rock is know for its aggression and abrasiveness, but Shikobi reminds you that that aggression still comes from heart. An “in your face” attitude still comes from feeling, which is why Shikobi has been associated as a band that plays emotive rock.

When Australian brothers Aaron and Luke Hession relocated to Los Angeles, they met drummer Dylan Hayden and bassist Marco Barrientos. They use heavy vocals, explosive guitar riffs, and gritty instrumentals to make you feel like you are rising from dirt into Heaven. You can hear the grungy heart the revs this song, which makes me excited for their EP  “Pull The Trigger”, which consists of the similarly titled and evocative track addressing the important issue of gun control and lack of gun laws in the US. It is a powerful hit to the soul when music speaks for a cause, because, ultimately. it is music that feeds our soul. Thus, Shikobi is a band that wants to feed it better.  Check Out “Here We Go Again” Below. Click Here For More Information On Shikobi.