Artist Close- Up: Tigertown is Sydney Synth-Pop Gold

Australia is like an Outback California. With vast sunny landscapes and peoples known for their welcoming, fun, and relaxed personalities. Such attributes can be found in the dynamic, yet easy to listen to quartet: Tigertown. This family band brings the heat and shine of the sun through electro-pop.

Through guitars, basses, and keys, Tigertown has crystallized the recipe of the “anthemic club track”. What is that, you ask? It is the club song that when it drops is always right, clear, and encompassing of the euphoria you feel at being young, beautiful, and with the friends you love. Their new EP Papernote has been hailed for its mixture of blissful sounds and pensive lyrics, which is not surprising. Nothing like being a literal family that jetsets around the world and creates music for a living to make you thoughtful about life.  

From double-chorused hooks and melodies that are so vivid they might as well be technicolor, Tigertown is a shimmering symbol of the success family can obtain when they stick together. At the band’s core lies husband-wife duo Chris  and Charlie Collins whom are accompanied by the former’s brother Alexi and sister Elodie. ( God, I wish I was at the family dinner when they decided to make music!) Their newest singles “Take Me Away ft. Filous ” and their song “Papernote” featuring a verse from BØRNS and a Tommy English mix, will have every Millennial/ club personality ready to get dressed, go out, and make memories.

Tigertown’s songs are a quintessential emblem of West Coast vibes with a bassline that feels like palm trees and synthetic rhythms that feel like sun rays. Thus, if you need a good EP to get ready to go out and party like you are INVINCIBLE…. I suggest you pick up Tigertown’s Papernote EP, which can buy and learn more of the band by Clicking Here.