Album Review: Nils Bech’s Echo Is Like A Millennial Club For Game of Thrones

Nils Bech is the male Enya. If you find that comparison weird or insulting than you clear’y do not know the power of Enya. The Irish songstress created one of the best-selling international tracks, “Only Time”, and became one of the titular singers for the Lord of The Rings Series. Thus, Nils Bech’s comparison/ correlation with Enya is that if she is a fantastical/elven queen voice, he is the whimsical voice of an elven king in his new record Echo.

I have already begun laughing at myself for this comparison, as I know my readers love my vastly imagined, eccentric, and honest reviews, but you have to be creative to analyze creativity. They speak to each other, which is why Nils Bech will come off to listeners as something completely new and different to their musical minds. His record Echo will feel like you are trying ice cream for the first time; its sweetness will challenge how you define taste and the strictness of your  liking for savory. The record could definitely paint the landscapes of a J.R.R Tolkien novel with its lyrics and stark instrumentals. The difference comes in that he is more electronica/ contemporary based than Enya or, of course, Middle Earth. Thus, he will feel more like a Millennial Club that landed in the Game Of Thrones’ world of Westeros.
Alright, if that last statement did not make you want to run and buy Echo than. “You Know Nothing, Jon Snow!”.  What Bech has done in Echo is electrify nature. It is as if you are looking at the greenest of mountains, and above them are neon-colored stars, or you are seeing a painting of a rainforest and someone smudged certain trees with colors of ruby red and lime green. There is something “down to earth” about his instrumentals/ lyrics that are slightly abstracted with a twist of house, trap, and electro sound. The combination is fascinating and a step up to those like myself, that love the soundtracks of Game of Thrones or Lord of The Rings, and wonder what it would be like if, at the club after a Meek Mill track, somebody dropped the “Rains of Castemere” as a follow-up song. Hence, Echo will appeal to those listeners because it adds a Millennial modernity to subtle, tranquil compositions that seem too picturesque to be apart of a gritty nightlife. Moreover, Nils Bech has a beautiful voice.

In comparing Nils Bech to Enya, I see their connection celestially. They, have voices that are higher in vocal register, and often sound like the lost recordings of a musical angel. They completely standout in terms of the voices people are accustomed to and are defined as “good” by the mainstream. When Bech sings he both transforms and transports your “musical tastes” like, my ice cream analogy. His record Echo feels brand new to your heart’s desires because, in truth, it is not an album that would be  most peoples’  mental choice of “must-listens”. This is not because it lacks talent or innovation because it has both in abundance. It is because Echo is truly not like anything you have heard, and I do not say that out of randomness or intrigue. I say that because amongst the Drake and Taylor Swift compilations we all own, Nil Bech’s Echo will feel like to eccentrically, intellectual cousin that stands out in the family. That cousin is beautiful, smart, and bright in her new ways of seeing the world, which is why, despite being part of the family of music, she will always seem like something else/ special. 

Frankly, I think Echo is magnificent, and its appreciation as a record and Nils Bech’s artistry will be slow to grapple, but eventually obtained. The stunning images and lyrical humanity he brings to Echo is like a cool breeze you wish would never stop caressing you. For More Information on Nils Bech and To Buy Echo Click Here.