Artists of 2017: New Fries Make Your Sonics Their Ketchup

I am continuing my endeavor to highlight artists that deserve a prosperous New Year, especially because they sound new. Toronto experimental band New Fries released their LP More this year, and if there is one thing every single one of their listeners and fans have concluded is that they sound fresh. If you read my Run The Jewels review you will see that I believe “new” can be as much, if not more important than being good or being smart. There are plenty musicians that are talented and creative, but are they innovators? New Fries certainly are in More.

A mix of seasoned musicians, visual and performance artists, the band was built from a spirit of discovery, not concerned with creating a particular sound or relying on a formal musicianship. The alchemy of its members’ experiences is best felt at a live show from the band’s performative dynamics that are heavily based on artistic ambiguity. They wish for you to interpret them, as musicians like, a painting. Having such an approach means their music is like a stream open-ended questions/ sonics, where each listener will find their own, personal interpretation. This may sound like a given, but not every artist leaves much leeway for you to make your own meaning of their sound and lyrics, which is fine. Yet, if you are trying your best to be fresh than not defining yourself, and thus confining your listener, is a smart route.

New Fries has no limits to their sound which is digitally anamorphic. It is as if they smashed their instruments with electricity, and the electronica produced became a giant ball of energy constantly morphing into, again, whatever you want it to be. At first, the girth or amount of instrumentals can push you away. while also fascinate you. It is like opening a box stuffed with a bunch of tissue paper. You wish the gift was immediate, but enjoy the anticipation and excitement the search gives you till you reach the prize. For me, the prize is hearing the vocals of Jenny Gitman contrast the music machine that backs her. With a voice that is un-fluffed and un-filtered in its still force, she appears like a computerized, human voice lost amongst a technological void. If this does not sound imaginable, well its not. This is what makes New Fries and their More LP so innovative; you cannot picture their sound or influence by others.

Love it or hate it, art has persevered because it brews a relationship with people. You will either a love a work or hate it, but you will feel for it, and if that artful expression is good enough, it will make those sentiments feel like a new lesson about yourself. New Fries does that with listeners, which is why I can see their growing following. For More Information On New Fries Click Here.