Comic Con Recap: With My Fave Trailers & New Spoilers (Sherlock, The Flash, Justice League Oh MY!)

The Flash Season 3

The Flash has been, by far, one of the best live-action renditions of a Comic Book series. I cannot really say many comic book films and tv shows have captures the essential character of their superheroes quite like, The Flash. So here are some spoilers for you to enjoy beyond the trailer:

Flashpoint Spoilers:
1) Joe and Barry are not close, at all. This will make for good, emotional storytelling as Barry tries to gain the father-son bond he had with Joe in the other earth, but Father West will be very hard to get.
2) Wally West is the Kid Flash, but his family does not know it. Yet, Barry will become a friend/ mentor for him, until he too gets the return of his own powers. Moreover, Wally is going to need a brotherly figure, considering him and his sister, Iris, do not get along on this earth.
3) Harrison Wells and Jesse Quick will not appear till near the second half of the season.
4) Its safe to say that Barry, in this universe, never met Team Arrow. (their loss!)
5) Iris and Barry will have a blossoming romance in this alternate reality.
6) Alchemy is the main villain (with Captain Cold, Black Siren, and Reverse Flash returning as recurring ones)
7) Cisco is not a nice guy, but there are hints that he still is Vibe. Yet, he uses his “powers” to make lucrative business decisions. #shadycisco
8) Supergirl will appear, but no signs of Superman showing up just yet. Oh, and Oliver Queen will show up, as well. #dreamyeyes!
9) Tom Felton will play Julian. A fellow co-worker of Barry’s whom tussles between friendship, work envy, and a strange suspicion of Barry’s approach to his new world.
10) Personal Assumption Alert: From the trailer we know things are not going to be “rainbows and unicorns” for out protagonist. I’m ASSUMING that by the end of the season Barry is going to feel pushed to undo his decision or another  post-apocalyptic reality will be born….. these are just light assumptions lol!

Suicide Squad
Need I say more? Can’t wait to REVIEW IT!!!!!!!
Justice League
While the two minute trailer looked way better than the two hour BVS, I can’t help but wonder, “WHERE IS SUPERMAN?!”. Spoiler Alert: It is rumored that Superman will return for the climactic battle to save everyone, but, as a Superman fan, I still feel jipped. What is so hard about giving the first and best superhero of all time a richer, cooler storyline beyond the last 20 minutes of a film? Okay my Kanye rant is over! lol!
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman looks to be a riveting, lush film. The cinematography looked gorgeous, and the female empowerment was oozing off the screen. I almost burned a bra watching Gal Gadot kick booty better then any man can! YAS KWEEN!

Legends of Tomorrow
The main villain will be the Legion of Doom, to which I’m excited to see Captain Cold again! I was a major shipper of him and White Canary… so here is to hoping!

Spiderman: Homecoming 

Spoilers: Vulture is the main villain (played by Michael Keaton). Although I’m extremely excited for this film and to see Tony Stark as a mentor for Peter, I wish they had given meatier spoilers or, at least, released the Comic Con trailer. Hopefully, they will in the oncoming days. Rumor has it Harry and Norman Osborn are in the film, and will play heavily into the plot. Norman as the shady scientist that pushes Adrian Tomes to become Vulture, and Harry, of course, as Peter’s best, (not yet deranged) friend. I always loved Harry Osborn… Anyone else lol? Liz Allen and Flash Thompson are also in the film as a couple.

Sherlock Season 4 Trailer

Yes! Just YES! 

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them!

For all those whom were given magical dreams because of the Harry Potter books/ films, this return into the wizarding world is joyously welcomed. 

Star Wars: Rogue One

Alright, like Sherlock this trailer was not premiered at Comic Con, but as a Star Wars Geek! Have a right to still share and enjoy it! lol! This film look like a dystopian, ski-fi fantasy…. a la Star Wars! I am so excited for Star Wars Episode 8, even though it will feature Han Solo’s funeral and Kylo Ren vs. Luke Skywalker….. I hate family feuding!