Future Film Close-Up: Check Out The Trailers For Some Upcoming Blockbusters

It seems like there are a wealth of films to watch, but you can only capture a handful. These are the few upcoming films that I am definitely going to see!
Why Him? 
Starring Bryan Cranston and James France, this comedy is the typical dad meet daughter’s future husband and HATES HIM! Yet,  despite no revolutions to archetypes, I’m excited. I know that with these writers and cast, it is going to be hard to make an unfunny film. Check out the hilarious trailer here!
Bridget Jones’ Baby!
I loved the Bridget Jones Series! It was funny, and one of the first films to present the glamor of a vulnerable woman that is not a size 0000. People forget how revolutionary Bridget Jones was in presenting women as funny, smart, and with a natural beauty that comes in any form tall, short, fat, and skinny. Thus, out of feminists loyalty and a need for a good laugh, I will be at this film. 
Morris From America
This looks like a vibrant, coming of age film. Moreover, it feels like a different take on what it is to grow up. For starters,  a young boy is moved to Germany by his father (when you are a preteen moving away from your home is terrifying) and uses Hip Hop to both understand himself and the new girl he is crushing on. AWWWWW!
This drama promises to be a visually stunning, but emotionally crippling look into youth and gang life. I am spiritually prepping myself already. 
The Girl With All The Gifts
This Zombie film looks to pack a heartfelt punch. Based on the acclaimed novel of the same name, the film is based in s zombie ravaged world, but there is hope in the form of a young girl. Awww! I know I’m awwwwing a lot today. lol!