Film Review: Suicide Squad Is The Best DC/ WB Film Yet, But Is It Enough?

Suicide Squad is the best DC film that has come out of recent. I have continuously mentioned my disdain for Dawn of Justice, and I actually did like Man of Steel. If anything Suicide Squad is as good or better than Man of Steel, but I am still not sure if that is saying much. It seems that the DC universe Warner Bros. has built is plagued by a sincere problem: really interesting characters, but flat storylines.

Suicide Squad is good because each person that walks into that theater is going to end up loving one of the characters or, at least, enjoying a moment of their “shine”. Exiting the theater, the fan favorites were usually Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Amanda Waller, and for some reason, I liked Rick Flagg’s bitterness. Of Course, I LOVED Amanda Waller because she is an HBIC! Both in comics and, thanks to Viola Davis, Waller comes off as a strong, firm leader. She is cold, calculated, and determined, which makes you understand why these sinister villains are not eager to cross her. Frankly, I walked out of the theater more terrified of Waller then Enchantress and her brother Incubus. Yes, they are the “main” villains, but do nothing to make you interested in them. When they appear to cause hellish chaos, your plain thought is, “Oh, hey”. For being an all-powerful witch, she is defeated pretty hard and quickly.Yet, it is not as bothersome because, technically, the whole film is about villains, i.e. Bad vs Evil. Although, villains like, Captain Boomerang, Katana, and Killer Croc do not really get enough storyline or intrigue to captivate viewers. Hence, Suicide Squad survives on the love of comic book fans, as most DC films have, but the love will be slightly disappointed.

What frustrates me as a comic-book fan is that DC has some of the most intriguing literary characters, but somehow, on film, they are not translating for their depth and critical human analysis.
Suicide Squad is the closest DC films has come to understanding that comic book fans love their superheroes and villains for their “being”. What makes Deadshot tick? What makes Harley Quinn lose her mind? It is their quiet, soulful moments that fascinate us, and David Ayer made sure to, at least, give a few scenes where we could see these “bad guys”struggle with their morality and the little good left in them. Yet, Ayer’s does bring “fun” to the film, which was one of the major complaints of DC’s recent films. That “fun” is  Harley Quinn who becomes the inevitable light of the film with her humor and one-liners. Hence it is not that she is an “epic” character, as much as she is the best and funnest one. There will be no denying that Margot Robbie gave all of herself to the role, and steals scenes with her fiercely, dynamic presence and genuine relish for the role. Moreover, she is the only reason we get to see The Joker.

Suicide Squad Featurette

Frankly, I do not know why The Joker was so heavily marketed. He is a”blip” to the film, and could have been completely edited out, which I felt, in a way, he was. Like Dawn of Justice, the film had problems with fluid editing and pacing, and one of its victims was The Joker. Some will complain about Jared Leto’s The Joker, and there will certainly be comparisons to Heath Ledger. Yet, I do not feel they were competing. In the brief glimpses into Joker’s world, Leto plays the character like a deranged jerk in a clown costume, which is, technically, not wrong. Leto’s Joker is flashy, loud, and anarchic in his spectacles for attention. Meanwhile, Ledger’s Joker was a smart psychopath in a clown getup. He was an agent of chaos that genuinely wanted to push and observe the morality of humankind. Leto and Ledger play the Joker from different stands. While Ledger played Joker as insanity trying to prove a social, psychological point, Leto plays him as insanity trying to have some random “fun” at others’ expenses. Still, I would have liked to see more of The Joker just to get more of a “feel” for him. When he left the screen I did not miss him because I did not really have enough to absorb from him, yet as a DC fan the curiosity remains. I am definitely eager to see Leto further the character in a Batman solo film.

Comic- Con Trailer

Overall, Suicide Squad is what it is. Is it fun?… It could be. Is it great?….It had its moments. Would I see it again?…. On television. Still, for comic-book fans going with friends there will be unstoppable moments of joy at seeing these characters and glimpses of the Justice League, i.e. The Flash and Batman cameos. I will say that Suicide Squad is a closer step for DC films in creating
a good movie that treasures the richness of its comic characters. I say closer…. but still not there.

Su9cide Squad comes out in theaters on August 5.