Artist Close-Up: Empress Of Gives Me Life!

I saw Empress Of at Summerstage, and she basically rocked my world. When you discover a new artist to your musical sphere it feels like a gift-bag fell from Heaven. Your heart races as fresh sonic waves invade your ears and mind to say. “Hey, I’m new! And you LOVE Me!”. Not only did Unknown Mortal Orchestra give me spiritual memory for life, while performing at Central Park, but Empress Of gave me her music.
Empress Of, i.e. Lovely Rodriguez, is like a moon goddess in aura and a lioness in frequency. She bursts with an energy that can feel both wild and gentle. Strength seeps out of her pores as her synth-pop/disco tracks blast through the stadium. You want to dance, but you also want to gawk at her artistry. While I can say I see musicians often,  to see an ARTIST is like waiting for Haley’s Comet. The difference stands in the soulful connection between the musician and their music. Between Empress Of and her music, there is nothing! She is every track that blazes from her vocal chords/ pit of her soul. 
Empress Of music is described as synth-pop, but there is a level of social tribalism that beats through her songs. Beyond electric rhythms, are baselines that play like prayerful trances meant to place listeners in a wistful dreamworld. Meanwhile, her lyrics, much like Shura, hold insight and sophisticated commentary on what it means to be human. I love the contrast. On one hand, you want to lose your mind and body to sound, but your soul wishes to stay still in Empress Of spoken word. The clash is lovely. Moreover, her debut album, Me, is a track by track powerhouse of intoxicating dance vibrations blended with charmingly pretty vocals. 
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