DVD/FIlm Review: Careful What Your Wish For Elevates Nick Jonas’ Acting Skills

Careful What You Wish For (CWYWF) is coming out today on DVD, and as those whom have read my previous review, I was surprised by this film. Nick Jonas continues to flex his acting muscles, while assuring that his charm becomes that of the film. On the outside CWYWF, may seem like a typical “hot wife seduces young neighbor into an affair” plot. Yet, there is so much more to this film.
At first the film can feel slow. Jonas does well to make sure his character of Doug is not a completely naive nerd. It is clear Doug is smart and grounded for his age, and Isabel Lucas’ Lena is beautifully torn. There connection is instant and natural. She is like an open wound that oozes passion and pain, while Doug is wise beyond his years, but also too eager to grow up. Little does Doug know that Lena is not as broken as he assumes. This tormented vixen has a laundry line of men she has abused and used, and the line is about to grow to include both Doug and her husband, Dermot Mulroney’s Elliot.
This film midway becomes a twisted thriller as it is revealed that Lena is an intelligent villain. Men cross her path to “save” her, but she already has an owner to her heart. Ugh, I do not want to spoil it anymore! Check out the film on DVD TODAY! It includes interviews with the cast and crew, and 
an interesting one with Jonas. WOW! is he an excellent actor. He is so passionate and bright in this craft. You can buy the DVD  here