Concert Review: CRX Show That Life Is All About The Moments At Bowery Ballroom

Life is all about moments, and one moment can change your life but it also can change your concert. CRX is fronted by Nick Valensi, guitarist for The Strokes. The band recently released their debut album New Skin to rave reviews for its blazing, head-banging rock style, which the band completely brought to Bowery Ballroom. Yet it was the humble tales from Valensi’s career that turned this good concert into a charming one. 
As the band played their new, first-time hits like “Ways To Fake It” and “Broken Bones”, the crowd immediately began the head-banging and body shaking that guitar riffs are known to induce. CRX plays to the classic, ‘in your face” rock atmosphere that made anarchy look cool and chaos seem normal. People were all about giving into the strong chords that Nick and his fellow bandmates were striking. Each showed a sense brash dominance over their instruments that came off like smooth arrogance. This may sound off-putting, but let us be honest; fans are fascinated by musicians with brazed confidence that make themselves appear like they are the best of all. Thus, when CRX  played their songs CRX had a bravado that made both the audience and their personas appear as if they were the greatest rock band of this generation, which I am sure many whom have heard New Skin will think. Yet, Valensi’s reminiscent moment on his humble journey to become a headliner turned the crowd’s admiration into relation, which was more powerful. 
Ways To Fake It
Mid-concert Valensi paused to walk down memory lane. He talked about when he was a 17 year old kid at the Bowery merchandise table selling cd’s and shirts of other bands, dreaming that one day he would be the band on stage. The moment was one of real truth and connection that most artists dream of having with their audiences. It was a giant pause of beauty that transformed Nick from CRX”s frontman to the 17 year old dreamer we have all been and many still are; that kid who looks at the stars and quietly says to him or herself,”One day, I will join you”. It was a heartfelt moment that revealed the humanity of CRX that just a song ago seemed like they were rock gods sent from Heaven to make audiences and guitars cheer. Nick continued to talk about the whirl-whind of excitement and touring he experienced with The Strokes that eventually led him to front his own band CRX. Thus, from the 17 year old kid selling t’shirts to the lead singer selling out shows, the speech was empowering in showing that life is a series of moments leading you to greater, happier versions of yourself. The hope-filled moment brimmed with optimism, and, again, turned everyone’s googly-eyed admiration for Nick into a more genuine relation to him as a person.
Broken Bones
From that speech on. the crowd went from cheering for the band to applauding their rising accolades. If people had come just to see their music, they left wanting to see them succeed. It was a  nice turn to an already great night, and showed that moments can get better. For More Information On CRX and To Buy New Skin Click Here.