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Concert Review: Streets Of Laredo Release Their Inner Child At Bower Ballroom


FUN ALERT! FUN ALERT! Streets of Laredo brought the fun to Bowery Ballroom on November 18, and reminded everyone that your inner child is not someone to be calmed: it is someone to let loose. From Disney movie references to a childlike glee, Streets of Laredo might bo one of the few bands that give youthful/ schoolyard  energy to adult-like depth/ lyricism.

When you think of “adult-like” songs they usually strike for the melancholy and frustrations of life. Yet, Street of Laredo strike for the awaken souls that even the worst episode of life does not define the channel of your essence. A rather deep thought,  I concluded through the simple exuberance of  their performance. I had recently reviewed Streets of Laredo’s album Wild, which is basically a soundtrack of “desert youth”. Their instrumentals summon visions of being young and coursing through the desert of decisions and promise that can be one’s life. The lighting of the stage was perfect for the imagined scenario with  dark red and hints of purple dimming over the band.Thus, when you heard Sarah Jane Gibson tussling the tambourine and harmonizing hooks with David and Daniel Gibson, it was as if desert monk had begun a soothing chant of wonder.  Hence, whether you are riding through life’s desert through the blazing sun or starry night, to the Streets of Laredo, you will be fine as long as you are vibrant and filled with awe for life. Such an idea of inner vibrancy attracting exterior ones is not new, at all, to human philosophy, but their record’s message felt tenfold when you see the band on stage with a blatant joy that cannot and should not be hidden.

There is a difference between telling everyone to be happy and positive and actually setting an example to follow. The Streets of Laredo’s make music that is optimistic, but when seen live soars into fully energizing. They are they type of concert that you go to see, and walk out feeling like life might actually be good. This may seem like a small feat, but not every concert goes above giving you entertainment to also give you a sense of gratitude; that is a whole other level of goodness. Thus, gratitude was dripping out of the audience like sweet jam from a pastry. The audience danced to their tracks like”Wild”, “99.9%”, and “Silly Bones”, to which they played with a zest as if that night was both the first and last concert they would every play. Their marvel over the audience and their own presence ruminated through the room, and released everyone’s inner child to come out and play. The kiddish joy was especially brought by lead singer Daniel Gibson.

Streets of Laredo – Silly Bones (Official Audio)//

Silly Bones 
Daniel is hilariously witty, and has a voice perfect for folk music. It has the bright weight that made Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan so famous, in which he can mutually place a sense of exhaustive vulnerability but unwavering hope into one lyric. Hence, Streets of Laredo have a capacity to make you feel like your misery does not simply have company, but has good company. The kind that will tell you, “Yeah, your issues suck, but you are alive. So have fun and find resolutions!” We all need positive, creative friends and Daniel was that at Bowery Ballroom. He had people laughing and giddy to dance with him as he took center stage and played every song from Wild like it was his personal masterpiece. Moreover, his references to Disney asa  joking inspiration for his music, i.e. Lion King and Jungle Book, were both humorous and inadvertently poignant to seeing him in concert; it is like watching a prodigiously fun and talented kid on stage.
When we go to concerts we go, in some way, for escapism. Entertainment, even for an hour, can take you somewhere better, Streets of Laredo do not just take you somewhere better, they take you somewhere more innocent Your inner child might be the most ageless, whimsical thing about you that goes untapped, but in their concert and phenomenal album, Wild, Streets of Laredo make sure that for, at least, one night your inner child can be free. For More Information On Streets fO Laredo Click Here.