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Concert Review: Diet Cig Are Like Music “Red Bull” At Baby’s All Right


Diet Cig ROCKED MY WORLD at Baby’s All Right. From jumping on drums, high-kicking an entire song, and basically getting more height between her feet and the floor than Shaq when he played for the Lakers, Alex Luciano proved that she is as charming live as she is on record. She sounded and sung the same as in Diet Cig’s new album, Swear, I’m Good At This!but it was her dynamite energy that had the crowd swerving and head-banging.

If someone told me Luciano drank 32 Red Bulls before hitting the stage I would say, “So little?”. She was all over the place, and the crowd could not get enough of her sugared chaos. Between her wit and her unwillingness to be still, the audience were like bees heading straight for the honey-comb to meet their queen. The room buzzed with enthrallment that someone could be that energized and sing, exactly, on pitch and punctuality with her record. I, frankly, am not doing justice to the physicality of Luciano as a lead singer. The room, literally, heated up from how much she moved, shaked, and, altogether, quaked throughout her set. Watching her was like watching a trainer do 80 lay-ups, bench-press 800 pounds, and run through 8 treadmills in what she called “an easy workout”. As she performed in what would easily exert the strongest of us, the crowd could not help but sweat vicariously through her. Yet, for Alex, the rush of performing was a glee that could give her endless stamina. She was genuinely and undeniably happy to perform with a smile that was wide enough to impress a dentist. Her joy and adrenaline were supernatural; almost like a pixie fairy hopped up on magical dust and the capabilities it gave to help the kingdom before her. That kingdom being a crowd eagerly receptive to lyrics that are all about not fitting in and being done with trying to do so. 

From lyrics like “I’m going to stay in the bathtub all day/ Don’t care if I decay” or choruses such as ” I just want ice cream on my birthday/ to wish the pain away”, these are not exactly common catch-phrases. Yet, the crowd sang them loud and proud as if they were the words in their heart and mind they never dared to utter. Honestly, who has not woken up one morning, and wished they never did, or secretly hoped that wishing upon a star, actually, made a dream come true? We all have hoped for little, random things to bring big, life-changing fixes, and we all been crushed to the point of devastation when they did not. It is in those sentiments, that feel especially pertinent to Millennials, that Diet Cig finds their niche. Although 21, Alex was singing to a crowd of mid to late “twentiers” who knew too well what it was like to sink down underwater in a bath, and contemplate whether they should rise back up again. Thus, Diet Cig’s set, was sincerely cathartic in providing a safe, awesomely sonic space for people to be honest about being “people”. Sometimes, you can be over your own life, despite, still having it. Thus, Alex sang and played her heart out with the backing of Noah Bowman’s blazing drum-rolls and the “mom squad” she brought to rival Taylor Swift’s one, and completely reminded the crowd how human it was to feel less than. For More Information On Diet Cig Click Here.