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Concert Review: Jain Makes You Grateful To Be Young At Music Hall Of Williamsburg

Jain played a SOLD-OUT show at Music Hall of Williamsburg to the mutual love and surprise of both the crowd and the artist. Jain’s following is LOYAL, of which they treat her like a hidden gem they know the whole world is bound to discover. Meshing an underground feel with a global appeal, the French song-stress brought her distinct style and music, from her debut ZANAKA, to the one place that most appreciates being “outside the box”: Brooklyn. 
Jain – Come

Jain’s vibrant ability to bring her world of music  to life began from the fact that she had no decoration on stage. The stage was plain with tape markings from an old concert. Now, I am not degrading Jain or MHOW because the fact that the stage seemed too bare is what helped show the magic of Jain. With her mix-table quaintly set in the middle of  the wide stage, when the lights dimmed and Jain came out, you were curious as to how “this concert” was going to work. First, we live in the Beyoncé – era of entertainment where shows are a spectacle, and concerts are invitations to enter new, visual worlds. A concert, in general and especially at MHOW, without special effects or some kind of back-splash seems unusual. Yet, there Jain was in her typical black and white frock; looking particularly small in, again, the big stage and crowd before her. The young woman has created beats and hooks that seem universal in scope and as colorful as a rainbow. Thus, the emptiness behind her versus the vastness before her became a testament to “The Power of Jain”, which is the celestial capacity to show that a person’s spirit can fill a room and build an imagination as well and even better than a batch of visuals. 
Jain – Makeba (Official Music Video)

Although Jain had her strobe lights, the concert was “lit” by her enlightening. From the new song she created in dedication to the Bataclan attack, called “Tally,” to how she recorded audience members singing the chorus to “Come” and then included it live as she played the track, the night seemed a celebration of both youth and its creativity. Jain’s discussion of the scariness of our times was not daunting. On the contrary, it was refreshing and a sweet sparking of gratitude amongst the young crowd that can, easily, forget how blessed it is to be young in Brooklyn, NY and in a JAIN CONCERT! With the batch of issues and sufferings everyone carries, it is easy to forget your luck, especially in comparison to others. Thus, Jain’s kind eagerness to remind people how wonderful it can be to be human elevated how phenomenal her music is in showing that. From, my favorite,  “Makeba” to “Mr.Johnson”, the night was one to dance, sing, and be silly. She certainly was! From making the crowd coo at her him to dancing with a childlike glee and carefree rhythm, Jain’s performance was an inadvertent reminder to how great life is when you are thoughtful about it and not just over-thinking it. Yet, even she noted that the crowd was beautifully receptive to her, and why should we have not been. As the “cult” favorite becomes a world-wide one, us, “Jainists” are seeing a down-to-earth star rise into the sky, and we cannot help but bittersweetly watch. After all, a “hidden gem” does not lose its value because you hid it; it just waits to receive it from the world while you accept that your admiration is not the only one it will know anymore. Jain is readying to receive it ALL. For More Information On Jain Click Here.