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Album Review: Every Where Is Some Where Is K.Flay’s Search For Human Connection

“City-Wome”n is a term that carries some serious weight. Fashion, ambitions, and altogether voices with creative flares are usually dreamt when you imagine ladies making their way through the sky-scraped scene. I mention “City- Women” because K.Flay’s Every Where Is Some Where is like the soundtrack to an episode of Girls or Gossip Girl, where you will meet some fabulous women making serious, even bad decisions.

K.Flay – Blood In The Cut

With a rock n roll guitar back-drop mixed in with punk-laced drumbeats, a Hip Hop bassline, and an electro-fused arrangement, K.Flay’s makes you feel as if a concrete side walk is a top-notch runway. Moreover, she might be the first human being to match a flow that cannot be called singing but also cannot be called rapping. Thus, I would call it “sing-rap”. (Aren’t I Creative?). Still, that “sing-rap” is what makes K.Flay enthralling as an artist. The inability to “box” her in, makes you listen as she both fiercely and sweetly struts her vocals in “”Dreamers”, “Champagne” , “Black Wave”, and “Hollywood Forever”. I pinpoint these songs because they interconnect on an idea that intoxicates and fascinates listeners: the difference between high life and high desires. K.Flay’s songs blaze the line between celebratory and debauchery by showing that images of “greatness” we, as people, fawn over can be followed by insecurities/ draining sentiments to “keep up” with “something”. From ‘The President Has A Sex Tape” to “High Enough”, K.Flay shows that reaching for your “inner high life” should not be such a reach, and as my readers know, I love an artist that calls out the differences between looking good and being good.
K.Flay – High Enough (Lyric Video)

Every Where Is Some Where might as well be a confrontation between the spiritualism and materialism foiling over humanity but set to infectious instrumentals. There are tracks that are insular in their sound like “Mean It” and “You Felt Right”, which are the songs where K.Flay most displays her personal vulnerability at wanting to feel the meaning of herself in relationships. From giving love to receiving it, the whole album is a look into how, no matter the amount or looks of people, there can still be a disconnection between them. It is like those strange moments when we find ourselves feeling very lonely at a jam-packed party; only to realize we were not alone in our sentiments. K.Flay is your mutual, lonely friend at that party, and shines in songs “GIver”, “Blood In The Cut”, and “Slow March” by giving truth over a blasting sonic back-drop. It is as if she kicks down the door to your brain, and fluidly waterfalls in with lyrics and sounds that enliven. For More Information On K.Flay And To Buy Every Where Is Some Where Click Here.
K.Flay – Black Wave