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Concert Review: The Staves Are Mystifying At Music Hall of Williamsburg


The Staves’ concert rocked my world. Similar to The New Tarot, they dreudge up a mystical “Rhiannon” sister witches vibe that is intoxicating to watch. Something about women singing in harmony is majestic and beautiful. When Staveley-Taylor sisters, Emily, Jessica, and Camilla sing together you feel as if light is being summoned into the room.

The Staves – Tired As Fuck [Official Video]

Tired As F**K

I know saying “sister witches” may seem like an insult to a few but there is something both divine and human about the love spells/ prayers and incantations we muster in hopes that a little candle and a little focus brings us a chance at life. Starting with “Blood I Bled”, The Staves immediately enraptured the audience with a standard theme amongst millennials, and general humanity, which is wanting a chance to both shine and be appreciated. Songs like “Teeth White” and “Tired As F##K” which were from their newest albums, If I Was and Sleeping In A Car EP, stuck out to me as the tracks that garnered the most rise out of the crowd. Admittedly “Tired As F##K” might as well be my Monday morning anthem. It exemplifies every moment when you put on a good face and act like everything is swell to appease others but, meanwhile, you are exhausted by the same. I call “the same” the pages in our life’s book where we feel like we are writing the same story pf the same people, relationships. and decisions we do while wondering when “the same” will be replaced by something better and exciting. Looking closely into their lyrics I saw why The Staves had such a packed house of loyalists. These three women resonate with the humanity of being young and ambitious. Moreover, I cannot reiterate enough how magical their harmonies are and how their voices feel like more than just folk pop. They are almost hymnal in their spirituality which, when partnered with a bass and drum that beats like a ticking clock, riles audience’s souls.

The Staves – Teeth White [Official Video]

Teeth White

The Staves play for the urgency of living or rather the gnawing eagerness that could fill you up through burning dreams/desires. The three British ladies were quiet initially in the concert, which definitely emboldened the mystery and beauty of their winding guitar melodies. Yet, it was later on in the concert, when they were setting up for their next song, that their personalities came out, which made their music feel like the ice cream to their “cherried” friendliness. Bands should never underestimate the power of charm and warmth with the crowd. As the three women bantered about Gilmore Girls, The Simpsons, and their hometown of Watford. England the crowd went wild. Why? Because it is always great to know that the music you love comes from loving people. It just makes you feel reaffirmed that greatness can happen if you are great, and The Staves are great. They are cool, witty persons whose angelic vocals can reach Heaven while singing about the most earthly issues and sentiments. Moreover, their songs with Mikaela Davis, especially their celestial Sufjan Stevens cover, with the harpist/vocalist Mikaela Davis should be taken into serious consideration for studio recording. I could listen to them together forever. Thus, not every artist can build a ladder between the ground and sky of living but The Staves do more than that; they build a musical bridge. For more information on The Staves click here.

The Staves – Blood I Bled [Official Video]

Blood I Bled