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Concert Review: Lewis Capaldi Sings To Heartbreak At Hammerstein

Watching Lewis Capaldi’s voice at Manhattan Hammerstein Ballroom, helped me realize the truth of what I call “The Power of Sheeran”. Like Ed, Lewis Capaldi understands that an easy, guitar melody is a platform from which a broken heart can sing. Through enrapturing hooks, Lewis showed the approachability of loneliness.

There Lewis stood, front and center, radiating songs from his new EP Bloom. The room was so gapingly bigger than him and his guitar, you almost felt protective. Amongst blue hued lights, Lewis Capaldi felt so unbelievably lonely and welcoming to the audience, all at once. He coyly introduced tracks such as, “Lost On You” and “Mercy” with vocals that were warm when spoken, but quivering when sung. It was as if his voice was the sun, and we were learning that, like the earth, it could also quake. Every light/ vocal note he shone was filled with emotions that have shaded every young heart daring to fall in love.
Lewis Capaldi – Bruises (Live)

As he sang tracks like “Bruises” and “Fade”, it was as if Lewis was inviting the hundreds of people filling the ballroom into his brokenness. He felt like your best friend telling you how his girlfriend had left him feeling alone in their coupling, of which you were ready to buy him a beer and possibly send her a nasty text (lol!). Each track was about being shattered by love, and trying not to convince yourself you are a fool for picking those pieces back up, gluing them together, and lining yourself up to get shattered again by your partner. It was the simplest, most overarching premise for a song, and that is why he felt like a hit-maker. When you tap into universal, human truths, you have the key to a hit single, and, if there is one thing we all feel, it is heartbreak.
Lewis Capaldi – Fade (Live)

I do not know if it is good, but I do know it is common; people loves sad songs. They love quiet, tender tracks that speak to the moments when they looked inward, about their relationships, and said, “I feel hurt and confused by us”. No, relationship is without its rough patch, but Lewis Capaldi takes those patches and softens them with simple chords and rich vocals that put band-aids on your love wounds. Some people love us, some people use us, and some people completely break us, but I can guarantee that Lewis Capaldi is one of the few people you want to sing about it. For More Information On Lewis Capaldi Click Here.
Lewis Capaldi – Lost On You (Live)

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