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Concert Review: Lo Moon Shine A Romantic Light At Rough Trade

Lo Moon played their first, NYC headlining show, and even without the release of their debut, the crowd was packed and ready to sing along. Personally, I ADORE Lo Moon. When I need music to make me feel like I am John Cusack blasting Peter Gabriel at the person I love in Say Anything, I look to them.
Lo Moon – Loveless

There is something climactic to Lo Moon’s sound, which makes its feel both urgent and romantic. As couples kissed and people bounced around, it was hard not to feel the music they played in your soul. Their arrangements aim for the building of sound to reflect how we build relationships. Each lyric was reflective of the time you felt you were “about” to submit to love or better opportunity, but you could not. As Lowell’s voice rang with a holiness saved for church bells, his lyrics summoned recollection and wonder. “Real love/ You try t fix it/ But it’s never enough” rang with a solemn, but beautiful truth; we are always trying to do better for our partners without knowing what better is for ourselves. The most potent and genuine loves usually are never perfect, but that is the point. As seen in songs, “Wonderful Life”, “This Is It”, “Camouflage”, and “All In”, every move we do in a relationship is motivated and calculated by a sincere belief that “better” is a standard, but even that notion seems to fixed. Instead, Lo Moon sings to the idea that “better” is a moving space, of which you reach one level to start hitting the next. This explains why Lowell’s voice writhes in emotional excitement and exhaustion. Moreover, it could explain why they have spent so long perfecting their new record; Lo Moon is a band that truly thinks about what they are giving.
Lo Moon – Thorns (Visual)

Like a relationship, you measure how much of yourself you give to the ones you love, and, in Lo Moon’s case, it is their music to their fans. By how they play their songs, you can tell a lot of thought, heart, and even splashes of self-consciousness have gone into their creations. They are so self-aware which comes in the intricacy of their instrumentals, and ability to display love in clarity: for it gorgeousness and gloom. Thus, I would recommend Lo Moon, again and again, to see a show where love feels big, and you do not have to feel alone in how wit makes you feel small. For More Information On Lo Moon Click Here.
Lo Moon – This Is It