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Concert Review: KLLO Are Turn Berlin NYC Into A Chill Lounge

KLLO felt like an electronic Planet Earth at their Berlin NYC show. Playing off their newest record, Backwater, their show was the epitome of “chill”. The duo stood on the pink hued stage, and played worlds through music that made you want to stand back and watch the creatures they call rhythms crawl into their music habitat.
Kllo – Downfall

There is not much to KLLO’s show in that there is everything. (An odd statement, I know!). Yet, their show was so easy in setting a mood that all you had to do was take it in, i.e My Planet Earth reference. There are certain acts that. fascinate by grabbing your attention without feeling like they are rising or lowering it; they are simply captivating it. This was a major feat because Berlin NYC is a strange venue; you can feel hovered into its underground cellar, and, that night, the crowd was particularly packed to see the pair of young Aussies veil their mind in pastel fantasies. If there is one thing that make KLLO such a particular concert it is that their music is effortless. Like in record, they are the choice you make when you want to cool down, but not be bored. Often, when we think of getting calm, we could think of getting “snoozy” or lame. Yet, Kllo’s set was made to feel like a sonic mattress that molded according to your ear/body’s comfort. Tracks like, “Bollide” , “Wall To Build”, “Nylon”, and “Dissolve” flowed into each other as if they were one giant track; each carrying synths and baseline that were as synchronized as a swimming team. Note: every reference I make fro,m synchronized swimming team to mattress, is to to something bot soothing and rejuvenating, all at once, which can be said about KLLO’s show.
Kllo ‘Virtue’ (Official Video)

Chloe Kaul’s vocals feel like soft, gentle buddy being squeezed amongst the handfuls of digital beats by Simon Lam. These two are so warm and approachable, in part, because they look like your two best friends. I could not help but look at them and the crowd and say, “Are you going to the NYC seminar tomorrow on Voltaire?”. They seemed young and inquisitive, which explains why their music is so vast and fresh. In every sense, from image to soundscape, KLLO represents “relax”, which is why they were an excellent Sunday night/ after work show. Click Here For More Information On KLLO.
Kllo – ‘Sense’ (Official Video)