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Album Review: Animal Years “Far From Home” Leaves You Closer

When I hear Animal Years I just want to grab a swing and dive into a creek with a bunch of friends…. you know… the simple joys. In these dark days, we often struggle in our newfound acknowledgement of simple joys because we are seeing more “darkened persons” take them away. Animal Years’ Far From Home is a five track journey into how to leave your heart in every place you enter, which is, often, a countered idea.

In this world we are taught to harden our hearts as a sign of “protection”. “Don’t just let anyone in!” might be the eternal motto for every worried parent, and they are not wrong or right. “Caroline”, “Friends”, and “Home” splash in guitar chords and patter in keys to make you feel like you really are on that creek with your buddies. Yet, they lyrically resonate to the beauty of letting someone in your heart, who did not break it, unlike others. To love is a risk in the same way that to “live” is one, as well. The minute you invest in your life and relationships, spiritual gauntlets are thrown at you as in “ Give It Up” and “Corinth”. These tracks, especially, have a country rock vibe that makes you feel as if every base was dancing with boots on to gently frolic hope into your heart. I do not know WHY I am hearing hope so much in recent music, but I do feel it is because there is a need for it. The entire record has an up-tempo/ vibe to it that makes Michael McFadden’s voice feel like it was born from soil, but still reaches the sky. I swear he wrote these lyrics while he was watching stars because that is the feeling he gives.

You ever have a moment when you just wanted to see something different or a new beauty? Then, you decided to look up and saw how blue the sky is, or that a building you pass everyday has a certain design you never noticed. Those little moments surprisingly fill your heart in the same way the people you love do, as well. The difference is that, lyrically, Animal Years has realized this, which is why their music enlivens you. After hearing Far From Home, you will feel swaddled by McFadden’s voice in the same way such blanketed vocals can both protect and prosper a spirit. After all, the best way you can protect your heart is by realizing that love is what keeps it beating. From family to friends, “Animal Years” motto is to live your life like they were measured in animal years because if you knew you only had a few short years, you would start living your life like one dreams life is lived in eternity; through unlimited peace, love, and happiness. For More Information On Animal Years And To Buy Far From Home Click Here.