Concert Review: Mumford And Sons Awaken Every Soul

It has been a little over a week that the tragedy of Orlando occurred. The world is still very shaken, and more fearful than ever. Therefore, music is a must and positivity a necessity. Enter Mumford & Sons to give their audience, and myself, one of the most positive, rejuvenating concerts I have ever been to.

Mumford And Sons in concert will probably be one of the most enlivening experiences in your life. It is a guaranteed memory to tell your kids. Why? Because they remind viewers that happiness can be pure. Often, for however powerful or potent our joy is, it seems sullied by a quiet insecurity or hidden worry. It is as if we can only be 70% present in our moment, at best, and the other 30% goes to thoughts on our bills. Thus, Mumford and Sons seem like teachers in how joy can be cleansing and clarifying to the soul.

For one, their lyrics are the epitome of self-healing. For however hard or broken the road appears in  the beginning of a track, by its end, Mumford and Sons reveal the darkness can be elevated.  One instant, that stands out to me, is when lead singer, Marcus Mumford, sang Awake My Soul. It is no secret that Mumford has one of the most radiant, unique voices on radio. I like to think of his vocals as handsome. They show the beauty of an intellectual man as he sings life’s philosophy. Thus, when he repeated the hook “Awake My Soul”, it sounded like the prettiest poetry you have ever heard. I felt like a coy child discovering love for the first time: its beauty resounded me to the point of humility. As the whole crowd sung that singular lyrics, I got misty- eyed. It was as if we all were making a spiritual petition to feel alive and fearless again. Moreover, it was exactly the kind of humble beauty we all need at this time.

As I heard them play, I understood why live music is an experience every human being should relish. When you hear music it is as if your soul is singing back to you, and, when you hear live music, it is as if your soul is singing before you. Mumford and Sons helped me see what a revelatory experience concerts can be, and made me feel appreciative to life. I felt genuinely grateful to have this moment listening to them and seeing everyone allow themselves to open their heart. We all wanted to be awakened by their performance, and we were.  As I explained, Mumford and Sons write healing lyrics that are some of the most vivid, glorious words you will ever hear. If someone told me they came from a religious passage or psalm, I would believe it. There is a majesty to their words that gives them timeless wisdom, which is why it is so inspiring to  hear them sung by the crowd. Everyone is singing songs of love, which seems so rare today. Sure, we all know lyrics that promote fun times, even illicit ones. Yet, lyrics that encourage you to be a “lover of the light” seem rare nowadays.

Mumford & Sons, Baaba Maal – There Will Be Time 

At Forest Hills Stadium, that night of June 17, there was nothing but positive energy. Mumford was so elated by the crowd he ran from the stage to the top of the stadium to sing with fans. Every single person there felt welcomed to be vulnerable or rather to let their guard down. When the band introduced songs from their recently released mini album, Johannesburg, the crowd went wild at listening to some of their most vibrant music yet. The mini album brings fresh dynamism to Mumford and Sons, and features other bands like, the Senegalese Baaba Mal, The Very Best, and Beatenberg. Honestly, this album is such an exciting, new route for the band in terms of rhythms and beats. The album will leave fans astounded with how lavish and vast it sounds for a band that seems to have conquered all the musical glory this world has to offer. The amount of detailing they put in the music and lyrics of their song’s compositions is certifiable art. Their songs make you feel like you are listening to the soundtrack God heard while creating the world: magnificent.

I loved this concert, and I love Mumford and Sons for giving me a day that I can love. It truly was a moment in my life that I can recollect upon and say. ” I have known happiness”. What a great time and fantastic reminder that life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. Dancing and hearing music is one of the closest methods to feeling Heavenly. To feel so good must be God. For more information on the band and to check out their new album Click Here.