Concert Review: Disclosure Live Is An Experience For All

Disclosure in concert is an experience for all. It is the first concert I have ever been to where, had I gone without knowing their music, I would have had the same amount of fun as an avid fan. Their live performance and the eagerness of the crowd to be open and fun, is a welcome to anyone who loves music and a good time.

Rare is the concert that is so welcoming to fresh ears. Disclosure’s music is instantly charming and feverish in movement. Although their repetitive hooks can be learned at first listen, it is their beats that are massively appealing. They are a brotherly duo, Guy and Howard Lawrence,  that create music for anyone and everyone, which I think is amazing. You have to be truly special to be so endearing to all, which is why I would take a friend, whom has never heard them before, to this guaranteed stellar concert. By the end, he or she will certainly want an album and souvenir. Moreover, they will unabashedly proclaim this concert as the time of their life. Hence, Disclosure, like their name, provides a night of pure bliss, without any shame.

Entering a Disclosure concert is like being accepted into the coolest, smoothest club in existence. As the neon light shows display cool images of the brothers while performing, you feel a paradoxical sense of exclusivity and mass connection. Everyone there danced with both strangers and friends. We all were generous with our joy because it was pure and untarnished by daily woes. The crowd was filled with young, fresh-faced individuals ready to dance, and they DID! As Omen, Latch, Magnets, and so many more of Disclosure’s greatest hits blasted through the speakers, I was in immediate awe of how many hits this duo has. They have had huge success on the radio, and only in concert does it strike you how much they dominate your IPod. Moreover, it is revealed to you the surpsingly great voice of Howard Lawrence. 

Admittedly, I had no idea that Howard could sing and sung on many of Disclosure’s tracks. His voice is casually good, which makes it so attractive. It enters you like a kind whisper, and moves you like a gentle hand.  It is ready-made for radio, which explains the brothers’ mainstream hits. As Howard sung, mixed, and played bass, Guy beats what seems to be tens of elevated drums like, he was summoning an army to war. The graceful zest of these two  blends perfectly with crowd’s desire to let go. Trust me when I say to go to their concert will leave you enthralled.

There are a few moments in life when you recognize your own happiness. When, for a brief second, it hits you how magnificent your surroundings are. While the first half of their concert feels like a stream into radio’s Top 5 list, the second half is a pure rave. People are jumping, laughing, and absorbing the dynamic essence of the atmosphere. There is no denying it: you are enjoying yourself. You cannot fight it: you are genuinely, 100% happy. Thus, would I ever go to a Disclosure concert again? I would go for an eternity because it literally feels as good as forever.

From the music to the special effects, Disclosure in concert will make you think you have learned what heaven is supposed to be. I was lucky to see them on June 18 at Forest Hills Stadium. For information on the bank and to buy their albums Click Here.