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Concert Review: Sheppard Guide Through The Fields of Life At Bowery Ballroom

It is official! Not only does Australia hold one of my fave soap operas, Home And Away, but also some of the most exuberant bands. In the new wave of rich music, there is a core division between light an dark. On one hand, you have those like, The Weeknd and even The Late Lil Peep, that sing to the darkness that can consume your greatest achievements with a sense of undeserving. Then, you have bands like Sheppard, who do not really question whether you deserve to enjoy life…. you just do.
Sheppard – Coming Home (Official Audio)

Led by The Sheppard Siblings, Sheppard feels like the coolest, most modern version of The Partridge Family. Funky beats laced with messages that say, “Yes, you will get through this, and it will be fine.” This could explain why the crowd was diverse in age, look, and mindset. At the end of the day, we are all trying to survive this life enough to start living it. Thus, songs such as, “Geronimo”, “Love Me Now”, and “Castaways” feels sonic, romance epics of which the guy and gal swear to leap into love like a tidal wave headed towards their emotional pool. In essence, that is, exactly, what the crowd did. Singing along to their hooks and memorable choruses in tracks like, “Riding The Wave”, their cover of “Stuck In The Middle With You”, and new track “Choke”. Their natural giddiness towards life came through with quick adages of their adventures in America, including an expensive one with our healthcare system, and an overall ease with the crowd that led to inside jokes about chips and the danger of airport check-ins to instruments. Yet, all giddiness was saved for their music. 
Sheppard – Smile (Lyric Video)

A good personality only heightens good music. As they leaped and walked across the stage as if their their feet were human pogo-sticks, the audience followed. Waving their hands and smiles like white flags surrendering to fun. Amy Sheppard has quite the range belting through tracks and whipping out her guitar to create and an aura of attraction between her and the audience. Like magnets, we clung to her and her brother who has been blessed with the lightest of rasps. His voice scrapes and tickles notes with a gentility that matches their ultimate themes of “Love is possible!” and “We can get better together!”. Thus, for a show where happiness is celebrated as a very real possibility, let Sheppard guide you through their fields of music. Click Here For More Information. 
Sheppard – Geronimo (International Version)

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