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Concert Review: Romes Builds A Tower of Sound At Bowery Ballroom

I saw Romes at Bowery Ballroom a few months ago. Back then, I marveled at their star quality, and patiently awaited their debut. As I always say, time is a marvel, especially when it comes to empowering your star power. Maybe, it was having a full album under their belt, and proudly being able to say that they have “debuted”, but Romes tore the Bowery stage to make a performance oath: next time they come back ….. they are headlining.
ROMES – Summer Sound

As each band member criss-crossed the stage, their energy became infectious, and had, seemingly, take, a leap forward from their last show. Let me just say that if they were good a few months ago, yesterday they were great, which means tomorrow they will be cosmic. Romes has every ingredient needed for mainstream domination, a la Maroon 5 levels. Jacob Alexander has the “frontman” image down perfectly. He sways, gyrates, and riffs his notes as he gets up close to audience members watching him with more attention than they do the night-sky. They have seen someone worthy for them to look up , and kudos have to be given to Alexander’s capacity. He understands that to look into crowd with interpersonally is to gain a loyal fan. If most of the audience came to see Sheppard, they walked away eager to see Romes again. DO NOT GET IT TWISTED! A chance to open for a popularly followed band is like a Black Friday for new listeners; you go in, grab who you can, and see your following go up in time for Christmas! Thus, their unwillingness to hold back in joy and quality showmanship was an exceptional move on their part.
ROMES – Tryna Be (Official Video)

I have seen openers act like it was their burden to be on the stage because they were not headlining. Seriously! They kept their heart on guard because they did not find the amount or look of the crowd a worthy open. Yet, as Alexander and crew sang like it was their final night at MSG, I could already see these Canadian crooners at the Grammys or being one of the main acts at iHeart Radio. Their music is pure, radio pop; just press play, sing along, and forget. Sure, I am all about mindfulness and truly believe that more people need to be awakened to the world’s issues. Yet, we all need a break, and Romes is a BIG BREAK! They make their hour on stage euphoric, fun, and a memory that good times can still be had. For More Information Comes Click Here.
ROMES – Someone

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