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Concert Review: Snoh Aalegra Goes All Whitney Houston At MHOW

It is no secret that I love Snoh Aalegra’s music. Her ability to capture the heartbreak of a good woman that gives all of herself to a lesser man is absolutely one of a kind and a full, music experience. I marveled at her debut, Feels, because it is, literally, the soundtrack to female pain during a toxic relationship. Thus, it was going to be a major feat to make the universality of her voice capture the hearts of a bunch of youth ready to get down but not, necessarily, get into their feelings.
Snoh Aalegra – Nothing Burns Like The Cold

Opening for Daniel Caesar, the audience was filled with heads that were already swaying to the smooth, R&B hit, “Get You”. The line was, literally, around the block with your salivating to hear him move their body and their minds, to which Snoh, is the artist that keeps you still. Her music is infused with jazz and slow jams that feel closer the 60’s in era rather than the 2010’s. Thus, I was curious to see how she shook her drinkable sound, and was surprised that she chose to make it even slower and quieter. It was a brilliant move. Instead, of trying to get closer to what the crowd expected/ wanted in “Daniel Ceasar-esque” music, she played with her newness to them. Surrounded by Millennials sipping on Angry Orchards and Brooklyn Lagers, the “YAAASSS!” started to pour in as if the crowd’s love was on draft. If most of the audience did not know the POWER of this Swedish/ Persian songstress, by the end of it, they were conquered, an even yelled for her Encore!. Yes, I was unsurprised that the richness of her voice would enrapture the audience like she was Whitney Houston’s second coming.
Snoh Aalegra – Under The Influence (Audio)

In slowing down her songs, Snoh gave herself the opportunity to elaborate her vocal capacity and, again, her ultimate message; love is strong, but do not let it make you weak. Tracks like, “Time”, “Under The Influence”, “Feels”, and even cover medley that included Tupac’s “Do For Love” emanated through the crowd as if a voice could be the sun. I compare the singer to Whitney Houston because, like her, they shared the strategy of elongating notes and song times so that they felt like marathons of talent and spirit. Suddenly, a three minute track, on album, became 6 to 8 because a live show is an opportunity to reveal to a crowd that the talent behind the record is very real. Thus, each note felt held, released, and flown with a passion that enraptured men who yelled, “I love you”, and women whom nodded “I See You!”. As she individually sang to audience members eager to revel in the freshness of music presence but the classic sound of her music choices, Snoh Aalegra walked away with new fans and settled confirmation that she is going far in this industry. For More Information On Snoh Aalegra Click Here.








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