Concert Review: Skrizzly Adams A Beef Jerky Lovin, Future CMT Winner

Skrizzly Adams is a name that you should definitely listen out for. He is destined to take the country music world by storm. Currently on tour with Lissie, Adams lights up the stage with a fire and passion that
makes him bound for the CMT awards.

Not too many country artists, can mash a New York City vibe with a Nashville sound. Yet, with drumbeats that could stem from Hip Hop, guitar and bass rhythms that are drawn from classic rock, and a voice that is filled with a grassroots rasp, Skrizzly Adams’ music makes him a force to be reckoned with. Whether he is leaving his love or trying to win her over, his songs are destined to make the ladies swoon. He sings with an emotive rust that oozes passion like smooth whiskey. It makes you want to ride off into the sunset, but, more importantly, it makes you think you can. It is that attraction to the female heart through a strong, dreamy voice that is rising his following. Even better, he is the perfect blend of confidence and humility to solidify a fan base.

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Throughout the show, he was incredibly warm and friendly. He felt, almost, like a host trying to assure that everyone entered his song and left happy. Through side-banter and humorous tosses of beef-jerky, you could tell that this is a young man eager to to do what he loves: sing. That open love to share his talent makes you want to pull for him. Furthermore, the musicianship of his band is like one of seasoned veterans. They come in with a cool energy that makes you believe they are playing a greatest hits album rather than a debut. Maybe it is his musical hunger or his humility, but, either way, you know that on the stage is where he wants to be and should be.
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Running time: 1 hour
Skrizzly Adams played fon April 19, 2016 at The Musical Hall of Willamsburg in Brooklyn. For more information on upcoming events, click here.