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Concert Review: Valerie June In On “Tennessee Time” At Town Hall

Valerie June played Town Hall and basically rocked the world of New Yorkers seeking a little “Tennessee Time”. As she explained if “I want to be blues, I’ll be blues. If I want to be country, I’ll be country, and if I want to be rock’n roll, Ill be rock’n roll”. She has a soul that understands and wants to believe that Life is beyond human grasp because it is held in universal/ Godly hands. Playing songs from both her newest album The Order Of Time and Pushin Against A Stone, the audience had the pleasure of meeting a creative spirit and one-of-a-kind heart.

Valerie June – Shakedown


When you go to a Valerie June concert, you are going to meet wisdom and some good Southern charm. Playing her classic hits like, “The Hour”, “Working Woman Blues”, and moving forward to recent/future hits like “Astral Plane” and “Shake Down”, the night felt uniquely wonderful for New York. Most NYC concerts are indie- rock or house, but Valerie June brought the South to the North in the most beautiful way . From playing her “baby banjo”, as she called it, for “Somebody To Love” and elevated the known simplicity and picturesque scenery that makes the South a curious gem to New Yorkers. At times it feels like America is divided by East West, North, and South, in terms of cultures/worlds, Valerie June was like odd blend of everywhere. She has an eased, random thoughtfulness that one could equate to West Coast personas. She’ll talk about her love for herbs and aliens while dancing with no set pattern or flow beyond he one that she hears in her mind. As June reveals the humorous and healing stories behind her songs, she talks about the many voices that she hears in her mind that give her the lyrics with a certain voice/ vibe, which explains why each tracks carries a personality change. Some will be like an angel saying the words, “The Front Door” and in others like a man telling his tale, “Man Done Wrong”. Knowing this only elevates that Valerie is effortless in transforming herself compared to most of us of which transformation is like a giant odyssey, while for her it is literally one song.

Valerie June – “Astral Plane”

Astral Plane

Vocally, Valerie June is exactly like her records. Her voice is like bourbon that has been aged for years before opened to give you a smooth taste of life. The difference is that when you hear her live you appreciate it more because you are meeting Valerie June. She loves to converse and make jokes with the crowd and then enter a gorgeous/phenomenal rendition of her songs such as, “Got Soul”. This moment exemplified the night with Valerie letting down her hair, wildly dancing, and hugging the crowd as if we were apart of US Olympic team and had one every gold medal. People started dancing in aisles and seats elated and eager to measure up to the freeing energy that is Valerie June. Thus, I end my review with the wisdom Valerie left us all with, which is give in to Joy. Don’t question when it comes to you in the same way she does not question the music in her mind it begins stream through visions. When you have a chance at light just take it. For More Information On Valerie June Click Here.
Valerie June – Workin’ Woman Blues

Workin Woman Blues