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Concert Review: The Weather Station Measure The Temperature of Humanity

The Weather Station, led by Tamara Lindeman, might as well be a group dedicated to taking social temperature of human congregations. Lindeman’s voice echoes the intellect and gentility of Joni Mitchell or Joan Baez, whom were determined to look at life from a spiritual porch. As emotions played on the lawn, they watched rain or shine to capture their every move. At Rough Trade NYC, The Weather Station captured all a crowd’s emotions.
The Weather Station – Thirty (Official Video)

While Lindeman marveled that her music had gotten “unquiet”, I marveled at how still remained rather still. If songs like,”Complicit”, “Power”, and “Shy Women”, were her getting “loud’ then I am reanalyzing my natural octave. Yet, the point was made; being “unquiet” is about being heard… not getting loud. The difference was one Lindeman noted and pushed through songs that were all about “withdrawing”. Yes, that word seems like a negative, but you do not only withdraw out of fear, and, even so, that is not always a bad thing. We withdraw from relationships, situations, thoughts, feelings, and behavioral patterns because they either no longer fulfill us or we feel we cannot fulfill them. Either way, we do so with the the opportunity to step aside, grow, and learn why certain things silence us while others ignite our voice. Why can’t we have a say or give ourselves the permission to be powerful in every aspect of our life? From “Black Files” to “Floodplain”, Lindeman’s voice rolls down mountainous, guitar melodies to make you feel like life is simply a nature you have to roll on through. The epiphany hit me as lightly as her vocals because it is the kind of wisdom you need to live a better life. For however bad or good life gets, you can always rely on it being itself.
The Weather Station – Kept It All to Myself (Official Video)

There was something very relieving about listening to The Weather Station live. While we, usually, go to concerts for escapism from our anxieties, they enter into them. You go to their show with the purpose of confronting one’s angst and angelic nature, and for over an hour your lather in the grace of that clash. Life is simply a competition between the good and bad to be seen by your eyes, and The Weather Station are her to tell you the hot and cold fronts moving into your world. For More Information On The Weather Station Click Here.