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Concert Review: Alice Merton Is Challenging “No’s” At Baby’s All Right

There she was touring the U.S. with only one single released, and her Baby’s All Right show was PACKED. Merton opened up about the thousands of rejections she faced in Germany, when looking for a label. They told her she was not “sellable”, yet she is EVERYTHING that sells, but labels fail to recognize; depth. 
Alice Merton – Back To Berlin (UNPLUGGED)

We all need the songs we put on when we are trying to figure out  if the world is against us or if we are against the world. Trying decide who is the “difficult” party gets harder when you are one of the parties of choice. No one wants to say they are difficult or face difficulties, but Merton’s music thrives on the beauty of confrontation. Her ballad “Back To Berlin” was a gut-wrenching, piano-laced frame on the fact that, sometimes, you have to break a heart. Not even a breathe was gasped by the crowd as her own breathes feathered through keys feathering through lyrics that explained reaching for your best-self will, inevitably, make you do “bad things”. You will hurt someone in the same way someone will hurt you, as seen in “Holes” or “Jealousy”. Yet, as she preceded in her song “Learn To Live” , you cannot let fear hold you back, especially the fear to be yourself, despite, all that believe success is not YOU! The German songstress was un-jaded by “nay-sayers” and a billion times thankful to all, like us, that said “Yes!” to her music. 
Alice Merton – No Roots

What I love most about Merton as a performer is how raw, sweet, and open she is as  songstress/ person. She had no problem talking about her struggles to create and persevere as an artist when being told her art was not worth the world seeing. She laughed, of course, at the negativity, but you could tell she is someone aware of her surroundings, and eager to make them feel joy. As she asked the crowd to jump with her during “Make You Mine”, broke her dress, or promised to gift her new EP with any merchandise bought, her warmth radiated, which only built the heartbreak of her songs. Sonically, Merton feels like a cross between No Doubt during Tragic Kingdom and Lorde’s electro-pop. She captures No Doubt’s angst at feeling rejected, while holding the semblance of sweetness that Taylor carries even in mischief. As contorted her arms and smoked her eyes, she vocally whimpered through her tracks as if tears would come out of her if not for the rage that came out first. Although her voice is piercingly clear and her music emotionally rocked, she showed the stillness of angst, and how it can live to muddle within a person, but it does not have to stop her. For More Information on Alice Merton Click Here. 
Alice Merton – Jealousy (PULS Live Session)