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Concert Review: Diane Coffee Leaves Me Happily Jittery After Rough Trade Show

I CANNOT EVEN WITH DIANE COFFEE! Here is a giphy to show you how I feel about Diane Coffee’s Rough Trade show:


My readers know when I give the giphy, it is because I lost all sense of words. I saw Diane Coffee before and thought him a human tornado. If Cyndi Lauper and David Bowie had a child, then I 100% believe, it is Diane Coffee and do not need Maury Povich for DNA proof. When Coffee performs, you swear you have witnessed the true meaning of entertainment. Every FREAKING SONG was delivered with such passion that I almost had to be peeled off of the Rough Trade walls. He came up close and personal to the mythos of being human, and delivered his classic hits along with his new ones, from his album Peel, as if they were Rock Bible tales on how people got their s**t together when they realized being human can mean more when you stop flushing your feelings down a spiritual toilet. Forgive my rather crass equation, but Diane Coffee would appreciate it because he is so beyond BS, he is cosmic. “Get By”, “All Young Girls”, “Poor Man Dan”, and “Everyday” are just of the few tracks that felt like rhythms over feelings rather than the usual feelings over rhythms. For Shaun Fleming, i.e. Diane Coffee, if the workings of the human spirit are not the foremost and center to a song’s composition/ message, then why is it called music?

From how he threw himself on the floor as if God had crashed into him on the way to his lightning stage performance or how he glaringly sung in to the soul of each viewer to the point that his Thanksgiving invitations skyrocketed, Diane Coffee proved that anyone who says, “Music is dead!”, is not looking for life. There are artists like, Diane Coffee, that show music cannot die if there are those that see it central to their existence. I can only imagine that he rests in an Avatar chamber until he goes to the stage, and becomes the literal epicenter of the universe. A man blessed with that much energy and voice must have had coffee replace his bloodstream because he cannot be real! Now Click Here For More Information On Diane Coffee while I confront God on why he gave snails a quicker energy than me.