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Album Review: Greta Van Fleet Rise “From The Fires”

Greta Van Fleet is, literally, a 2017 reincarnation of Led Zeppelin, and I am living for it. Led Zeppelin is one of my favorite band, and have left a legacy that people only WISH they could achieve, but Greta Van Fleet just might. This Millennial batch has injected classic rock into their sonic veins to revive any dead party, and bring forth the “highway to hell” mentality that defined this genre in their From The Fires EP.
Greta Van Fleet – Highway Tune

From its beginning till this very day, Classic Rock is deemed as sinful; an igniter of people’s darker behaviors, sentiments, and thoughts, of which lovers of the genre argue it is actually a freer from such patterns. Lead singer Josh Kiszka would agree, and claims “all eight of {From The Fires EP} songs share a theme of basic humanity.” Hence, there is fearlessness that courses through the roaring arrangements of tracks like, “Edge Of Darkness”, “Meet On The Ledge”, and “Black Smoke Rising”. It is no secret that you need to be brave to face your fears and insecurities, of which From The Fired feels like the rise of a man from the hell of his own self-loathing. Kiszka sings like he is feverish in emotion and discord. He intoxicates as he writhes and drives hi vocals like a screw into the walls of your mind; poking holes for you to see that embracing your anger does not mean enlivening it. On the contrary, it means acknowledging and amending it, so that the little bits of love you get from people seem salvageable. It is a sweet notion that is not contrary to classic rock. They wail guitars to Jimi Hendrix’s pride and bash drums to recall  this genre to summon you to human battles, it is ultimately about calling you to the wars with yourself you ignore so that you can gain the peace you dream.
Greta Van Fleet – Safari Song [Live In The Sound Lounge]

If you are like me, there are times when you wish artists of the past like, ACDC or legendary Black Sabbath came back and teared the stage with new songs. Welp, Greta Van Fleet, being an incarnation/ inspiration from these bands, feels like they have been revived, and these are their newest hits. You literally want to crash through homes like the Cool-Aid Man when you hear “Highway Tune” and “Safari Song”.  Don’t Get Me started on their epic cover of “Change Is Gonna Come”. Now, I am protective of Sam Cooke, but I think he would be intrigued to hear his classic become a creatively different, but still poignant spinoff of the original.  Greta Van Fleet’s cool, badass feeling will NEVER go out of style because people want to feel like they can rip their flaws away to rock on with life. For a few, glorious songs, Greta Van Fleet’s From The Fires EP will make you feel like that on November 10. Click Here.
Greta Van Fleet – Black Smoke Rising [Live In The Sound Lounge]