Album Review: Lyon’s EP “Falling Up” Will Rise You Up

Lyon’s EP Falling Up is so pure pop that Willy Wonka would say, “Wow, that is a lot of sugar!”. I love all music, and, sometimes, you need an album that is not over-thought or over-wrought with emotions. You need one to put in the iPod, and blast as you dance underneath the sun. Hence, Lyon’s Falling Up will make you RISE UP!

Lyon’s EP is filled with electric sugar. At least enough, to make you feel like you have bitten into the sweetest, virtually realized donut you have ever eaten. At its center, is a raspberry glaze that represents Lyon’s voice. She has a warm, kind tone that allows every track to feel like the fruity offering. As in typical pop, her songs are odes to heartbreak and utter romance. Yet, again, when you go to pop music, you know what you are getting, which is what makes this album so rich. It is pop music to its core, and has no gimmicks on trying to be different beyond its key formula: sweet.

I know I have mentioned the word “sweet” and “sugar” about 20 million times in this review, but I cannot deny how destined Falling Up is and should be for the pop club scene. It has encompassed, in 7 tracks, the glitter and confetti cannons that spark as you dance the night way with your best friends. It literally induces visions of laughing and dancing with with your buddies because that is exactly what this EP does in reality.
Track By Track Review: 
BODYTALK: nothing like a heavy bassline to bring out the sultriness of love. This song is driven by the physicality of a relationship. When two spirits connect so much that they need their body to express what words cannot.  Lyon’s melody is so infectious that you want to cheer for her like she is a winning quarterback. BODYTALK solidifies that Lyon has the light voice that can guide you through her pop sound with a smile. 

Falling Up: There is a romance to this song that makes you want to fall in love. Again, 80’s vibrations course through this track to make you dream that you are Milly Ringwald in Pretty In Pink.

Gold Dust: this track is made to VOGUE! Fun is the simplest, yet most vast term to describe what this song is and causes in your life. 
Skeletons: My favorite track of the EP. It is electro- pop with a synthetic rocker edge. If Gossip Girl was still on air, I would submit this song for its soundtrack. There is a mischievous, yet privileged note to both its lyrics and theme. As Lyon sings “She left her skeleton in the closet”, you can just imagine Blair Waldorf letting out her inner inhibitions/ schemes.
Perfect 10: another smooth, romantic track, just like Falling Up. The difference is that Falling Up stirs fantasies of love, while this song captures the innocence and adrenaline of having A crush. There is an excitement to this song as you mentally dedicate it to that special “Perfect 10” that has no idea they are a 100 to you. 
Silverlight: A fast, dance track that makes you feel like you are in a workout video from the 80’s. The song is playful in rhythms to contrast the “all true” lyrics of being bored with your lover’s boring excuses. By the end of the track, you will be begging your lover to “fall for the night”, and break routine patterns for some fun!
Lie To Me: this song’s lyrics personally struck me. Pop music’s bumping, blast of sound can often leave its words underestimated. Yet, Lie To Me’s lyrics show that no matter what backdrop, poetry is still poetry. Beyond the synthetic drums is an understandable and universal sentiment. We have all been in situations where we must confront that someone we love is not loving us right. It is in these times that we secretly wish they would lie to us about their ill-behavior so we can continue lying to ourselves. Ugh! Heartbreaking!

Overall. Lyon’s Falling Up EP is a MUST for pop music fans, especially because its promise reveals a bright, rising future for the artist. Thus, you can gain bragging rights and say you knew her before she became ultra-famous lol! Click Here For More Information on Lyon and to Buy Falling Up.