Album Review: El Perro Del Mar’s “Kokoro” Is For The Fun Freak In All Of Us

Freaks can often be seen as a negative term, but, at least once in our life, we are called “Freak!”. Usually, that term can be used to berate someone when they were their most visionary and vulnerable. When that someone let every color, shape, and thought in their soul fly like a conquering flag, only to have it brought down by a “hater”. Thus, El Perro Del Mar’s Kokoro is an album for those that allow their vision to soar despite anyone that wants to drag their heart down. Kokoro is for the fun freak in all of us. 

One thing I love about El Perro Del Mar is that she continuously reinvents herself. She is like eternally fresh bread.  Her music will always taste new and feel full to your soul. Thus, as a reviewer, this album reminds me of why I love my job. Every once and awhile, I get a record or a film that captures and captivates the details of a human spirit. While most go the for the general layers of what it means to be alive and human, some artists go straight for the hidden nooks and distant crevices that are harder to describe, but when achieved, can sound like Wisdom, itself, has made a song. For me, Kokoro was that record for me. Its music is as abstract and clear as the human soul; for all its layers, you cannot define it, but you can always feel it.
It is hard to pick a favorite track to this album, because each one feels like a step by step pace into an art installation. From Endless Ways to Nougat Mind, you feel like you have walked into and acclaimed NYC art gallery. In each room is an art work/ song, that is completely distinct from the other, but interconnected in their central theme: vision. El Perro Del Mar is all about what you see when you hear music,which is why Kokoro is so vast in sound and the built-in instrumentals. For her, each track is filled with sonic bolts and nails that piece together her music canvas so she can paint listener’s minds. Are my words too descriptive and imaginary for you? Well, get ready for Kokoro!

From the funky Ding Sum to Ging Ging, El Perro Del Mar’s album is laced with eccentric, simple lyrics. She has a soft, lulling voice that, when matched with the asian-infused guitars and hypnotic kick- drumming, makes you want to fall into her album like’s it is a plush, welcoming hand ready to hold you. It is naturally entrancing with its sound, but jumps in pacing to give a spontaneous rush. You never know where she is going to go or what she is going to sing about next, which makes this album a literal “Hallelujah” for those that want a different, surprising soundscape.

El Perro Del Mar’s Kokoro comes out this Friday, and I say it is an album for every person that thought their brilliance made them a freak. It is creative, unique, and every fabulously cliche word I can associate with art. Yes, it is is fun and danceable. Yes, it is thoughtful. But, most importantly, it is dreamy! No one will walk away from this album without one track striking their heart and mind to fantasize. Click here for more information on El Perro Del Mar and to buy Kokoro.