Film Review: Bridget Jones’s Baby Gives All The Throwback Feels

When I first heard of the Bridget Jones threequel,  I was torn between leaping for joy and a bout of nausea. Hollywood has become obsessed with remakes and sequels upon sequels that make you want to say to your favorite character….. move on. Yet, Bridget Jones is ….. BRIDGET JONES! She is hilarious, vulnerable, and one of the most relatable female characters to ever be written. I am happy to say that Bridget Jones’s Baby is as good as the first in giving us the laughs and love we all desire from this leading lady.

As from the trailers, Bridget is in her typical hi-jinks format, of which some produce LOL inducing gags. Yet, this time her hi-jinks get a bit more serious as she is stuck in a baby-daddy drama that will make anyone say in their heads, at least once, “Can someone call The Maury Show?”. Yet, what makes Bridget Jones soar is that for whatever madness she induces in her life and in that of Mr. Darcy (played perfectly by Colin Firth) and Jack Qwant (played charismatically by Patrick Dempsey), you know she has a fantastic heart. Yes, she has insecurities. Yes, she makes mistakes. Still, she proves the greatness of humanity is in how it conquers such insecurities and mistakes. Hence, my latter comment that she is such a relatable, female character.

Despite, being a threequel 10 years after our last outing with Bridge, Renee Zellweger does well to show that this character is a timeless being. Bridget is older, slightly “wiser”, but still GETTING INTO MESSES! I found the idea refreshing because you never stop learning in life, which means you never stop making mistakes. Often, we think that “adulthood” or passed 40 is when you have to become a robot that knows everything about life, the world, and people. Yet, what person, never mind age, really know EVERYTHING about life? Anyone? I thought so! Thus, when Bridget appears on that screen she comes off as a modern-day heroine. No, she does not have Avenger superpowers, but she has a great sense of humor and a childlike sweetness that makes you protective of her even when it is her that endangers her heart. Moreover, the fact that our heroine is about to have a child will make the movie feel like a 2 hour glorious baby shower.

Every character, including Bridget’s friends and family, are welcomed in your world for the 122 minutes they rock the screen, showing that people may grow, but their core essence never changes. It is amazing to see all of them again with the same charm of the first film, but also, it is wonderful to not feel like Bridget’s love triangles have gotten stale. Although I am a Darcy girl out of loyalty, and the fact that Colin Firth is the only man that can make grimacing look beautiful, Patrick Dempsey is really good as Jack. There were definitely moments when Jack’s debonair kindness made me fall for him, which also made me feel that I, like Bridge, was betraying Darcy. Yet, the story, written by Emma Thompson, Dan Mazer, and Helen Fielding, and the direction by Sharon Maguire, allowed you to genuinely feel the weight of having two great men be potentially fantastic fathers to your child. Ugh! Dilemmas!
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