Concert Review: Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker Bring Simplicity and Humor To Rockwood Music Hall

In a world that needs a little more friendly banter and calmer sentiments, Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker feel like a worthy, musical resolution. The simplicity of their music is awe-inspiring. Moreover, the smiles and sarcasm that they share with the audience allows their live concert to feel like a gentle reminder that good people still exist and good music will never die.

“Good Music” is a vast term to describe Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker. Yet, part of what makes them so good, is that their sound is quiet and beautiful. To hear them feels like you are closing your eyes and listening to the wind swish the trees and the ocean kiss the sand. Their music provides a oneness with yourself that is both rejuvenating and calming. To enter their soundspace feels like you are entering the sky to relax amongst the stars and moon. This relaxed, reflective atmosphere makes sense for these artists whose first single, The Waning Crescent, was about pretending to be  the moon, looking at the life around you, and feeling of magical, funny, and even a little self-deprecating. Three qualities that we can all relate to as human nature, but to bring the humanity of these emotions, and magnify them as if they are cosmic, gives their music a universality. They take the most grounded, subtle details of life and paint them with stardust in their guitar strings. Therefore, they already had the audience heart with their music when their personalities felt like an added treasure. 
This folk-singing duo are kind and witty, two basic ingredients to conquer my heart. I cherish sweetness in people, and Clarke and Walker’s music is reflective of their inner warmth. They exude an open loveliness that makes you feel like they are the two people to turn to when you are feeling lost. Thus. their music becomes the songs you tune into when you need to clear your headspace and remember to not think so much. Still, do not be fooled by the meek voice of Josienne Clarke. This British young woman is feisty and facetious, which shows that, for however delicately she can write a lyric, she can also tell a biting joke. Her layered personality only fleshed the amazing subtleties of her her voice as it hugged Clarke’s stunning strums. This may sound “cliche”, but I found their music to be really pretty. I say “cliche” because people can get offended when you say something is “pretty” as if it is basic or plastic. Yet,  Josienne and Ben prove that pretty is deeply interconnected with depth.
The whole night at Rockwood Music Hall felt was split between happy grins and closed eyes swaying with music.that felt like it did not come from the heart but for it. The difference being is that some music sounds like it came from the raw, beating flesh of a heart as it tries to figure out life. Yet, Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker make music that brings peace to the heart and helps it see that, sometimes, there is not much to figure out. The deepest thing you will ever know about life is that it is really simple. This folk duo has seen and captured this fact, which makes me excited for their upcoming album, Overnight. It is from this record that Josienne and Ben turned their night show into one that felt as bright and new as the morning. With songs that sound like they came from the 1970’s Best of Folk Music, their upcoming album is definitely one to own for those that wish to start their day open to its possibilities.

Click Here For More Information on Josienne Clarke And Ben Walker. Overnight Comes Out On October 14, 2016.