OZY Fusion Fest Review: Abbi and Ilana Talk Hillary Clinton, Weed, and Broad City Teasers

Alright, I cannot lie. I’m a HUGE BROAD CITY FAN! Therefore, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer holding a panel to discuss their show felt like music to my ears. Yet, their panel was way more enlightening then I would have ever expected. In typical OZY fest fashion, you think you are there to simply be entertained, but, at the OZY Fusion Festival, you are bound to learn, as well.  Here is what I learned about these Broad City Gals!

On Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton
It is no secret that many were wondering why Ilana and Abbi were voting for Hillary. Most fans felt confused that the two leads were so adamantly Hillary, and believed the characters would be more Bernie supporters. Jacobson admitted the amount of stress the episode, titled Hello, Hillary, caused her. For one, the episode had been written a little more than a year before it was filmed and before Clinton had been confirmed as a guest star. For Jacobson, she simply stated that whether Abbi and Ilana would vote for Clinton did not matter to the episode. The episode was more a political commentary on the current elections, and how Clinton had been degraded as a candidate, particularly because she is a woman. To Jacobson, the two characters “fan-girled” over Clinton because, in her words, “She is Hillary F**KING Clinton!”. The protagonists were excited beyond voting because of the mere fact that Clinton is a strong woman, which the leads have always shown appreciation for female empowerment.
The political discussion and talks of female discrepancies in the “campaign arena” led to Glazer revealing a sentiment most people feel when discussing the Trump republican nomination: disappointment and fear. For Glazer, it was eye-opening and terrifying to see someone gain candidacy   for presidency on “racism, sexism, and classism”. Of course, in between the serious discussion, they quipped humorously, but the panel revealed how intellectual and thoughtful these women are. Of course it takes intelligence to be witty, but these two ladies are bright in spirt and mind!
On Fame And Female Friendships

Jacobson and Glazer had quite the few stories on the madness that is fame. The lovely ladies seemed in awe that people want to know them and especially smoke weed with them. Glazer could not stop laughing at the amount of people that approach and ask her to smoke with them to which she kindly replies, “I do not know you so, no. But, you can leave me the weed!”. For Jacobson, fame can be a confusing but humorous experience. Many people approach her casually to strike conversation while she tries to figure out whether they are a fan or somebody she knew in high school. Soon the discussion turned to the power of female friendships, as both real-life friends marveled at the “fame journey” they were taking together.
Glazer described female friendships as both necessary and beautiful. It is as if women have a secret code of strength that we reveal solely to each other. Hearing Jacobson and Glazer relish the love for “gal-pals” was sweetly inspiring. Every woman needs a female friends just to vent on the joys and struggles of being a woman. 
Season 4 Teasers

1) We will meet Abbi’s mom
2) Ilana will get a new job
3) Things don’t seem to be completely over between Abbi and Trey (#hope)
4) The Broad City gals will go out of state for an episode
5) We will not meet Bever’s girlfriend next season, but we will eventually. Moreover, the two writers know exactly who she is and how she will enter the Broad City World.
F**k, Marry, and Kill

For this game, the two friends agreed in each one:

Marry Oprah
F**k Suze Orman
Kill Gale
Marry RBJ (Ruth Bader Ginsburg)
F**k Hillary Clinton
And Keep Elizabeth  Warren in  The Basement (both agreed no one can hurt her) 

As a Broad City fan, woman, and fellow Millennial, I really admire the greatness these two young comediennes have achieved. It was wonderful and humbling to see how casually awesome they are. I genuinely feel excited to watch their careers blossom into further, guaranteed success. The OZY Fusion festival happened on July 23, and I cannot wait till happens again, same day, NEXT YEAR!