Concert Review: Jon Batiste And Stay Human Are Providers of Musical Memories

Wow! Just Wow! Jon Batiste and Stay Human summoned cosmic energy at their BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn concert. Even as I write of this I am trying to absorb the magnificence of their performance. I say magnificence because for two straight hours people were possessed by a spirit that could only come from above. Everyone dances and sang with a freedom that finally taught me what that word truly means; it is when joy is unbound and love is completely found. On July 22, freedom was felt, and it was thanks to Jon Batiste and BRIC Arts Media!

Jon Batiste does not play music; he possesses it! He closes his eyes and gyrates around the piano like, metal to a magnet. For Batiste, the piano might as well be his soul. He is so overcome with spirit and emotion as he plays. You literally think you are watching a man who is in love with music like, one would be in love with their husband or wife. He goes from his friendly smile towards the audience to a man that is 100% connected to the song at hand like, a devout husband. For him, his bond with music is a marriage, and he is fiercely loyal and openly loving. It is strangely fascinating to watch. From the first chord he strikes, you feel as if he has left you. He is with his wife (Music) now, and we are simple viewers to their journey of love.  He is completely bound to her force, and how she empowers him.  It is both enriching and humbling to see a musician so in love with music.

Express Yourself

As a reviewer, I see a lot of artists, and, sometimes, it can be disappointing to see the few that are disconnected with their talents and their reality. They are MUSICIANS! They play music for a living, and have the talent to do so. How many of us have exclaimed, at least once, “God, I wish I could sing!”. Even Shakespeare noted how music feeds the soul, and every human being can recall a joyful memory according to the song that was playing at the moment. For me, those moments where music becomes a soundtrack to my life are beautiful to experience, and Jon Batiste plays as if he knows/wants that. He knows he is a provider of musical memories, and he is sweetly willing to provide them. It is as if you are watching a fan of music decide to hold a concert.

I’m pretty sure everyone has imagined their self as the headliner of a concert. Love for music seems to be an inherent, Godly thing. Thus, to see someone like Jon Batiste recognize and revel in that fact was wonderful. He played every song like, every one does, in their head, when they dream of their own concert; with excitement, passion, and awe. Hence, what makes Jon Batiste and Stay Human so fantastic as artists is that they feel like giant fans of music that are, by chance, extremely talented. Each one of the Stay Human “crew” is phenomenal in skill and personality, and their take of St. James Infirmary Blues felt like a masterclass on soul music.  I walked out of this BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn concert wishing they were all my friends.

Let God Lead

Thew loveliest, highlight of the night was when Jon Batiste and Stay Human played for about 20 -30 minutes across the crown NOLA style. Everyone sang, dance, and brimmed with sparkling smiles as if  wewere in a Mardi Gras procession in New Orleans. It was bliss, and completely FREE!; in both price and sentiment. For more information on Jon Batiste Click Here and for more on BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn Series Click Here.

He played as if he was a fan of music. This