Song Review: Tiesto And John Legend Capture The Disco Sun in “Summer Nights”

Music is the artful attempt to capture life, and in Tiesto and John Legend’s newest track they have artfully captured summer. From the most upbeat bassline to John Legend’s sultry vocals, Summer Nights match the sunny heat of this season. The song makes you feel like you are living in its exact title.

There is no denying that Summer Nights is a fun, made for radio track. It literally feels summery., and it video does a good job of capturing the natural visions the song musters. First. if someone told me that Tiesto flew to the Caribbean for inspiration, I would say, “Of Course!”. There is a natural heat to the track’s rhythms that emanates like the natural heat of island life. The video of Summer Nights uses images of couples in love, friends laughing and perusing the city, and youth dancing at the bar over cold drinks. Ironically,  the video portrays exactly where this song will be heard and most celebrated. For me, the most surprising element of this track is its disco sentiment.

Summer Nights

While listening to it, you can conjure up visions of yourself hanging around the poolside or grill, but you can also see yourself striding along a multi-colored dancefloor. The bassline pulses in away that makes you want have Saturday Night Fever, and pose like John Travolta every time Legend sings the catchy chorus. Never, in my wildest dreams, did I think a disco beat and John Legend could blend so beautifully because I simply did not imagine it. Thus, thank God for Tiesto’s creativity and ability to match rhythms in spontaneous chemistry. Though what is even more amazing is John Legend’s ability to always entrance with his voice and good heart.

John Legend’s #FreeAmerica campaign has to be one of the most thoughtful, lovely acts of music and kindness I have seen. He has been touring prisons, jails and immigrations detention centers, and producing a variety of projects via his Get Lifted Film Co and making his newest album. I am beyond moved by this initiative as mass incarceration becomes a growing, toxic problem to American society. It is a beautiful sign of his character to remember that behind every chain and jail cell is a human being, whom would also like his or her soul to be fed by music.

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