Concert Review: The Shins Are STOKED To Be At Kings Theatre

The Shins’ were STOKED to play at Kings Theatre as lead singer, James Mercer, happily pointed it out. The frontman was unusually and openly giddy at the fact that they had sold-out their Brooklyn show, which earned them unlimited bottles of champagne. As he raised his beer cup in cheer and acknowledgment that he was in front of one of his best crowds, the night was solidified as on of their best times EVER!
The Shins – New Slang [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

“Caring Is Creepy”, “Simple Song”, “New Slang” and “Phantom Limb” are my literal jams, and played beautifully in the the golden laced theatre. Moreover, the band was so happy as they kid with the crowd and frolicked around the stage under neon, drooping flowers. The entire set/ back-drop was built like a nightmare version of Willy Wonka. You wanted to run up and eat those delicious looking, but possibly poisonous orchids as if they were made with blueberries and chocolate. The colorful creepiness was solidified by the giant, skeleton head behind them that, in image, brought out the self-reflectiveness of their music. I swear The Shins could turn mowing the lawn into a journey of self-discovery. All of their songs, “The Fear”, “Cherry Hearts”, and “Painting A Hole”, are ornate crystals of personal dissension. They twinkle and pounce brightly across your eyes and ears to bring up every-time you felt incomplete in a supposedly “fulfilling” situation. You can get the girl, job, and home, but never get the heart to feel like all of them are truly yours to enjoy. Thus, as I saw members of the crowd raise their hands like they were on the top of a car’s sun-roof or looked upon guys yelping like a group of best friends at a pool party, I was moved by how connected people were to The Shins. Moreover, the achievements they have made as artists.
The Shins – Phantom Limb [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

The Shins may be on tour for their newest record, Heartworms, but even if, GOD FORBID!, they never made another album that concert would have been sold out. They have reached a level artistry and symbolism that makes them a “go-to” band for anyone that wants surfing indie -rock to play to your inner feelings. Most importantly, they love each other as a group and as a music. They were having a BALL on that stage, and, to me, James Mercer’s voice is literally wrapped with the golden fleece of cupid. He makes you LOVE everything, in an ironic twist, considering The Shins’ music is all about feeling like you can’t love at all. Thus, relish the irony and click here for More Information on The Shins!
The Shins – Simple Song