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TV Preview: Everything Sucks! Will Be Really Good

Everything Sucks! Premiere

SYNOPSIS! The 90s high school experience: Desperate, heartfelt, awkward, exciting, and free of smart phones. Set in the real life town of Boring, Oregon in 1996, EverythingSucks! is a quirky, funny coming of age story that revolves around Boring High School’s A/V Club and Drama Club— two crews of nerdy-edgy outsiders, who join forces to make a movie and endure the purgatory known as high school. The series stars Peyton Kennedy (American Fable, The Captive) and Jahi Winston (The New Edition Story) as students Kate Messner and Luke O’Neil, with Patch Darragh (Sully, Boardwalk Empire) and Claudine Nako (Grimm) as their respective parents. The 10-episode, half-hour dramedy is created by Ben York Jones (Like Crazy, Newness) and Michael Mohan (Save the Date, Pink Grapefruit), who will both serve as executive producers.

When it comes to programming, Netflix is unstoppable, particularly, in giving series that show the wisdom of youth. From Stranger Things to 13 Reasons Why, Netflix shows that being a pre-teen or teen does not mean you are a brash, foolish kid. On the contrary, you are at your brightest, and, in the case of Everything Sucks!, your funniest.

As the cast of Everything Sucks! aligned the red carpet, they were beyond excited; marveling that this was the time of their life. With most of the cast making their “Hollywood” premiere, there was a sense, for them, that Everything Sucks! was about to make Everything Better! They smiled, laughed, and eagerly answered questions over why they were happy; although the reason was apparent. Their lives were about to change, and Everything Sucks! is a worthy show for such a positive impact. 

Taking place in the Clinton era, Everything Sucks! observes how being a teen in 90’s was not so different with being a teen today. Issues of class, race, sexuality, and the core struggle of identifying as human pervade its’ characters lives whom try not to feel like everyday is the worst day. Although a Millennial, I find that goal completely understandable. From the trailer above, it looks like creators, Ben  York Jones and Michael Mohan have created one of the most emotional and charming shows to premiere in 2018. Everything Sucks! Comes Out February 16 on Netflix.   





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