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Album Review: Anna Burch Asks You To “Quit The Curse”

Anna Burch’s Quit The Curse should really be called Quit Your Behavioral Patterns. Yes, that is an elaborate name ,but as Burch jumps or skirts her chords, her lyrics remain observant of her repetitive nature. We all have certain insecurities, thoughts, and reactions that we cannot seem to kick aside to revamp ourselves. Thus, Anna Burch asks if it is that life never changes, or that we do not change?

We have all had the terrifying moment of boredom; when we look at our life, and say, “Ugh, same thing, different day?”. Our job does not excite us anymore, our studies no longer feel accomplishing, and our relationships have become slightly stale. Yet, for Anna Burch when your life feels dry, you are not absolved from its lack of “freshness”. Quit The Curse thrives off of its lyrics, and Burch’s capacity to make everyday, internal struggles feel normal.

You are not crazy if you feel a splash of anxiety weekly or even daily. We all have, at least, one instance where fear tries to knock on the door of our mind and enter. In tracks, “Tea-Soaked Letter”, “Asking 4 A Friend”, and “What I Want”, Burch, seemingly, sings to her inner stresses. The minute you want something, you have made yourself vulnerable, and Burch’s voice feels like a cool breeze of acceptance to that fact. She is straight-toned and calm, which allows her guitar arrangements to feel more like a vision board for her to bounce ideas and pin dreams.

Quit The Curse is a brisk record. It goes into your mind to plant a thought you should hold on to: observe your perceptions. When you think you are bored with others, think how you could be fun? When you feel lost, think how you can be found? The point is never give up your sense of self as you seek it. This may seem like an obvious thing, but as seen in Anna Burch’s Quit The Curse, we have the tendency to think becoming aware of ourselves is about witnessing what we have, but we should also look at what we can give. For More Information On Anna Burch And To Buy Quit The Curse On February 2 Click Here.

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