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Albums of The Year: Tove Lo’s Blue Lips Explores Bodily Desire With Disco Dance

Tove Lo’s Blue Lips explores the connection between body and soul; not to be confused with that of soul and body. The difference lies in the route of the connection. At the end of the day our body is a vessel for our hearts, which makes our carnal desires something to explore rather than the usual suppress and toxically release.
Tove Lo – Disco Tits

What is exciting about Tove Lo’s career is that she is all about discovering, through fun, the anatomy of the body as one of the heart. The entire album feels like it took place in a disco-basement. You know which one! The one where you go down twenty stairwells only to have the best time of your life under sweat and unbelievably bright neon lights. You certainly get that vibe with dance tracks like “shedontknowbutsheknows”, “Romantics (featuring Daye Jack)”, and “Bitches”. Yet, it would not be Tove Lo “party music” without hints of emotional sadness. As seen with her biggest single, “Stay High”, Tove Lo lyrically captures the undercurrents of anxiety/ depression the push us to need escapism. We do not go clubbing because it is “wonderful experience” (lol). Even the fanciest clubs are not exactly Disney, but they make us feel childlike in our desires and eagerness to give into a moment. From “Shivering Gold” to “Cycles”, Tove Lo, literally says it, “F**k, We’re Free!”; at least for a night or in this album, we are! Yet, not every song is about heavy baselines and keys that zoom like lasers; there are also electro ballads, of sorts, that “Hey, you got drugs?” and “Bad Days” that seem to smooth the sonic down to a club’s heartbeat; where you can hear Tove Lo monitor the overzealous choices/ routines that make jump into our lusts like a shower.
Tove Lo – Fire Fade (Short Movie)

Whether repression or depression, Tove Lo laces her “Disco Tits” sound with a realness that could be missed behind the shine and splash of her rhythms. She may sound like she is only for the good time, but she also exploring why we define good times according to mindlessness. Could it be because we over-think our days, and only give ourselves a mental break during a few, club nights? Discuss! Yet, as you converse, enjoy Tove Lo’s Blue Lips. For More Information On Tove Lo Click Here.