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Concert Review: The Wombats Fly High In Energy At Brooklyn Steel

As young people, we struggle between the pressure to be perfect according to our eyes and the eyes of the world. No generation is absolved from this struggle, but no other generation like, Millennials, has had it made so public for the eyes and opinions of society. I say this because The Wombats’ Brooklyn Steel show attracted “millies” by the droves.
The Wombats – Lemon to a Knife Fight (Official video)

As tracks like, “Here Comes The Anxiety”, “Kill The Director”, and “Lemon To A Knife Fight” blasted through the warehouse to the dance of neon lights that screamed, “TECHNO!”, I realized The Wombats music message: don’t be perfect, just be good. Now, “be good” can come with a variety of meanings like, feel good, do good, and look good, but the point is it involves a sense of growth in confidence and comfort with yourself. It was a message that felt supported by their back-drop of what seemed to be scaled/snake intestines with blue flowers blooming from it, which, certainly, became an emblem for the many issues and dreams we all feel in the pit of our stomach asking us to either realize or release them.
The Wombats – Greek Tragedy (Official Video)

From “Jump Into The Fog” to “Moving To New York”, The Wombats are all about confronting your uncertainty to accept it. Yet, there was a “fun” to them that blew away their sonic feelings of stress to make you feel the opposite: happy. People were dancing and waving their hands in the air like, their concert was a emotional rollercoaster you, actually, wanted to ride. In some ways, they felt like a refreshed version of emo-rock/ emo-pop; where, instead of wallowing in how bad we feel, we said, “Yeah, I feel bad, but I’ll be okay”. There was a hope infused into Matthew Murphy’s voice that made saying “LIFE SUCKS!” feel like the most beautiful and honest first step to making it better.
The Wombats – Let’s Dance To Joy Division [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

It seems befitting that Matthew would be the singer of a “Greek Tragedy”; his voice feels like an epic. It swims against the horses of self-doubt, spikes against the monsters of negativity, and dances with the beautiful queens and powerful witches known as love and romance. His ability to ride the darkest emotional waves amongst synths, keys, and chords that feels like they belong in an electro music museum is impressive. Moreover, his cool delivery was a perfect contrast for Tord Knudsen sporadic, high energy movements, which only amped the fantastical joy of the crowd. It was as if were were at The World Series of Life And Pop Music, and the audience was singing along to The Wombats anthems/ choruses, as if they knew their team was going to win. It is not easy to make “the bad” of life feel good, but The Wombats’ concert is all about constantly rising in how free life can feel when you accept it is never perfect. For More Information On The Wombats Click Here.The Wombats – Turn

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