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Album Review: Camila Cabello’s Debut Makes You Love Camila

Frankly, I went into Camila Cabello’s debut, Camila, expecting “full bops”, and it delivered. “In The Dark” and “Into It” gravitate to music’s current “electro” fusions and have the “radio-friendliness” that we expect from Camila Cabello. Meanwhile, “She Loves Control” and “Inside Out” like, “Havana” further display that she is including her fierce Latina/ tropical roots (#represent). Each are infectious and beg you to move your body, but it is the tracks where Cabello asks you to move your soul that prove she is more than a hit-maker. She is an artist.
Camila Cabello – Havana ft. Young Thug

We are all watching Cabello rise to, for, and according to her own vision, and her debut proves that she has one.While Camila is a fun debut, it is also one that is surprisingly vulnerable and insightful. In between the dance tracks are ballads and piano/ guitar-laced lyrics that can relate every twenty-something who has crashed from the reality of a dream. We all have many dreams that go beyond career. We dream of our future friendships, romances, and the general places we wish to see in our life. “Something’s Gotta Give”, “All These Years”, and “Consequences” confront the hard fall human beings face at witnessing that certain relationships are not meant to last.
Camila Cabello – Real Friends (Audio)

If a relationship cannot grow with you, then it is not meant to go with you. This was the message I most heard in tracks such as, “Real Friends” and “Never Be The Same”, which are emblems of Camila’s sonic polars: acoustic and digital. She will equally dominate a synth-wave or a chord to emanate an emotion, of which the most prominent was the feeling of moving forward. Cabello has a way of making her voice sound as if it is sentimentally undressing her heart. Every vocal note is actually a spiritual layer she has to let go in order to feel like she can move up: in essence, the album’s message.
Camila Cabello – Never Be the Same (Audio)

If the ones you have loved cannot follow you as you learn to love yourself, then it is alright to move on from them. Of course, it will not always feel alright, which is why it seems befitting that the album bounces from baselined, party tracks to singles that demand you to sit down and think through your feelings. Personally, it is brilliant that Cabello can do both, and has taken the time to show she can. Ultimately, the album elaborates to listeners that there is more to Camila Cabello, spiritually and vocally, then what they know, and, after this debut, I only want to know more. For More Information On Camila Cabello And To Buy Camila On January 12 Click Here.

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