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Song Reviews: Grace Carter Shows Why Relationships Invoke “Silence”


Communication is such a hard part for relationships because emotions are confusing.. Rising UK artist, Grace Carter, has written “Silence” as a response to the tearing fights that occur in love. We all know that relationships are not linear nor are they smooth rides, which is why listeners will love Carter’s lyrical prowess at showing the duality of being angry with your partner while still wanting to be in love with him. You want him to explain himself, but stay quiet. You want him to leave the room, but hug you, as well. You want to hurt himm for hurting you, but desperately wish all your partner’s mistakes were healed so that you can both move on. Love is a crazy thing for a reason, and Carter has coolly causal voice that makes it seeming chaos appear normal, which, ins some ways, it is. Love can be maddening, but that madness can become routine. As piano melodies and smoke synths course in the backdrop, Carter sings to the silence that casts over a relationship when the mistakes outweigh solutions. For More Information On Grace Carter Click Here.