Song Review: Grace Mitchell Shows “Kids (Ain’t All Right)”

For some artists, definition is artistic imprisonment, and I completely understand. Every human being is trying to “figure” his or herself out, and creative spirits have double the task because what they figure out about themselves, literally, goes into their work. Music is expression of one’s being, and for Grace Mitchell that expression is up for interpretation, and anyone that tries to impose a label or meaning on her sound is not getting the point. Cue “Kids (Ain’t All Right)” as a aggressive, punkish, counter-culture chord that shows the more boxes you check yourself into the more confined you will feel. 

“Kids (Ain’t All Right)” has to be one of the best, new songs to come out of artisitic frustration. When describing what inspired “Kids (Ain’t All Right)”, Mitchell described it as a settling into her growing discord and disappointment with the idea of conformity. While its arrangements could sound like they were made in a rage-party, it was actually a sunny, quiet day that inspired Mitchell to let loose on a song that is all about cutting ties. “Kids (Ain’t All Right)” lyrically, thematically, and sonically sounds like the busting, fiery freedom you feel when you have reached your boiling point. Inspired by Kurt Cobain, the loud colors of youth, frustration, corruption, aggression, agony, and the constant refracting, abstracting, and connecting of social concepts, Grace Mitchell is planning the future of her music to be one of pure emotions. Turmoil can motivate an artist to produce work, but uprisings motivate artists to create art. Grace Mitchell is ready to start a music/ youth uprising, and the wisdom she carries is pretty piercing.

“Now that the album is finished, I can say that it is a fully cohesive artistic narrative. It is unified in its ideology, with the string tying it all together being raw, active, emotion. When my brain starts paying heed to the hell fire of order and conformity it’s easy to shoot my ideas down. But I’ve learned to work through that by telling myself that; nothing I create has to take shape. It can live fluidly and without borders for as long as it is inspires me, and no one else decides that moment but me. Modern America shouldn’t – and doesn’t limit my creativity as a woman. I can make whatever I want with brute force. A song isn’t a song until I want it to be. A painting isn’t a painting, a book isn’t a book, and an album isn’t an album until I will it to be the one that reflects me most. I have so many people to thank for this artistic privilege. People who have encouraged me to be weird, bold, and loud. They tell me to nurture my uniqueness, and to feel emotion.” Amazing to see her have such support for her talent. which is sincerely worthy of it. For More Information On Grace Mitchell Click Here.