Song Review: Boy Epic Claims “Kanye’s In My Head”

Boy Epic’s music is all about poor decisions, and “Kanye’s In My Head” is a sonic reliving of just that. Yet, is not just about the poor decisions we make unto ourselves, but the ones, socially, done unto us. As an artist, he places into word and sound the discrepancies and dirty choices that occur when we people care so much that they reach a human, boiling point: either explode in hot rage or grow cold in your spiritual numbness. I often think bad choices come from the depression of caring too much, and his previous track, “Dirty Mind”, showed there is personal tension if you think to much about others’ attention.  Thus, “Kanye’s In My Head” is a dark, alternative track that shows a man ready to give up on the world. 

Lyrically, “Kanye’s In My Head” represents each one every moment we have said, “Forget you world! You are not worth us!”. From rock is dead to wishing he had stayed in bed, Boy Epic fluxes in negative emotions as a response to his disappointment with the world, of which he shows through a booming bassline. Honestly, this song’s sonics are practically apocalyptic. You feel as if four horsemen are delivering musical desolation and famine, which though a sad thought, is not a rare one. If music is supposed to be an art that reflects human truth then it has to be willing to get ugly, which Boy Epic is. Yet, he makes ugliness of the human soul and mind sound incredibly attractive with heavy sounds that feel like two waves crashing into each other: alternative and rock. Still. his music aim, so far, is to flesh out the troubles with feeling so torn.

Often. people can feel like the world is eating them alive. It is not easy being human, which Boy Epic shows, but he approaches that hard fact with a harder sound that enters your mind easily. With a consistent releasing of amazing, charming tracks, Boy Epic will be a powerful, musical light shining on earthly darkness. For More Information On Boy Epic Click Here.