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Concert Review: Dorothy Uses Her Freedom Tour To Promote Love

Dorothy may have been under the weather, but that did not stop her from putting everyone under her spell at Bowery Ballroom. With sage emanating the room, it was clear Dorothy wanted her show to be a spiritual trip. Now on the Freedom Tour, it seems the rock n’ roller is determined to show that this term does not involve exchanges.
Dorothy – Dark Nights

In a world where some believe their freedom is dependent on someone else’s lack of it, Dorothy could not stop elaborating the importance of love. For her, it is the shared meaning of life as seen in her opening songs, “White Butterfly” and “Who Do You Love”. As she held the hands of adoring fans, she seemed to be radiating love like an energy; hoping from her presence it could join people’s present. The audience certainly appeared like they were from “The Era of Love”; with many looking like they walked out of a Woodstock film reel. If someone told me Cameron Crowe was filming an Almost Famous’ sequel, “Actually Famous”, I would have believed it. From David Bowie to Led Zeppelin, the influences of these rock legends was felt in sound and style.
Dorothy – Down To The Bottom

Dorothy could wail her vocals like she were summoning cupids to strike hearts of stone into beating flesh, again. She genuinely wants her crowd to feel good, and for that she stretches her voice as if it could rise love within a soul like yeast turning into bread. She swung her head back and forth, falling over her mic and twirling her hands as if they were emanating orbs of light. It was a mystifying performance that, again, called to back the 70’s “gypsy” ambiance, but it also called upon humanity’s universal desire to wander.
Dorothy – Raise Hell

As human beings we want to explore the world we call home. We are a curious, dreamy species, and tracks such as “Pretty, When You’re High”, “Wicked Ones”, and “Ain’t Our Time To Die” showed that our natural curiosity is the birther of both our calm and our chaos. Human beings want to witness as much as they want to be witnessed, and Dorothy shows the duality of that truth. On one hand she is a magical spectacle, floating across the stage like the green fairy, and making songs like, “Freedom” and “Dark Nights” feel like absinthe- inspired illusions. You want to swirl and soar in her vocal notes, and the swishing guitars that back them like the wind backs a sail. Yet, to be like Dorothy, you have to have an open heart, which is why both her crowd and concert moved me. She is an artists that not only emanates positive energy, but attracts people seeking to do the same, and that is, certainly, a moment worth witnessing. For More Information on Dorothy Click Here.
DOROTHY – Wicked Ones [Official Video]

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