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Album Review: Freedom Fry Highlight The End of Summer In Strange Attraction

Reverb-drenched guitars and a funky bassline are what course through Freedom Fry’s Strange Attraction EP. In both name and sound Parisian-born Marie Seyrat and Michigan-born Bruce Driscoll, have united to give you something delicious in taste and tenacity. To listen to Strange Attraction, now, is like listening to the final heartbeats of summer.

Personally, I love to hear summer music when it rains. It makes me feel like the sun left a bit of itself for me to hold on to until it returns again. Tracks like “Adios Amigos” and “Party Down” play like the final party pangs of Venice beach; every one catch the final synth-wave and sweet harmony to be had before the sun leaves. They seem to have a competition between spiritual up-tempos and sonic down-tempos like songs to make you leap in on a music mattress; no matter how high you jump you still sink in a little. The result is songs like “Strange Attraction” and “Words” that shimmer like an old, youthful love; you simply recall her euphoric nostalgia. Chords and keys twilight as melodies dance around like a couple gracefully quick-stepping. Although these electro layers may sound “too much”, when put together their sound is easy and breathable. Again, like a end of summer party at Venice Beach, for all the fun energy, you still feel relaxed. Combine that Marie and Bruce’s vocals never tense for emotionality, and Strange Attraction truly feels like a strange novelty.

I love to sing, and it feels like in every song a vocalist is proving their power by making each note an emotional wreckage. For singers, a lot of us are taught that if you leave a verse emotionless than it might as well be motionless. Yet, Marie and Bruce’s voice feel like soothing, unstressed partners narrating the beauties and misses of romanticism. Thus, on September 8 listen to the marvel that is Strange Attraction and Click Here For More Information Freedom Fry.