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Album Review: Margo Price Is All American Made And Fiercely Empowering

Grab Your COWGIRL HATS, LADIES! Margo Price’s All American Made rides a music horse through the green plains and mountainous terrain of love. This album is instantly good like a fresh scoop of ice scream for your heated heart.
Margo Price – “A Little Pain” (Audio)

“From Don’t Say It” to “Loner” , I just wanted “Woo!” through this album’s bouncing country hooks and sweet-tea rhythms. Price’s has a unique ability to make life feel like. even if its brawl or a bash, you would still want to enter its bar and drink to love. Her voice is Dolly Parton meets Loretta Lynn, and captures the kind sophistication these ladies etched in vocally showing the roughest situations can hit a soft heart. The badness of experiences is not always a measure or responses to the goodness of your heart. “A Little Pain”, “Pay Gap”, and “Wild Women” are filled with square dancing chords that prove a melody can dance while a verse empowers self-kindness . Like the legends I named, Price has no problem claiming her womanhood as a badge of honor in the face of heartbreaking men or ignorant ones. Yet, she knows what it is to be valued or, at least, how she should be like in “Learning To Lose”, “Do Right By Me”, and “ All American Made”. There she acknowledges in the face of societal and spiritual pressures her self-worth is all but lost from life’s meanness. This message leaps out both universally and currently, and drives the political undercurrents of this album. All American Made is a human commentary on society’s failures at not respecting and hoping for each person equally. From citizen to lover, every role has been challenged to achieve higher ground, but knows what it is to cave to lower ones.
Margo Price “Weakness” Official Video

American Made is country-rock at its best. You can run through the gravel and grains of its acoustic and verses, but, more importantly, you relish Price’s voice. This album is so good that, by its end, you start looking up when is Price’s next album. (lol!). The sophomore record is proof that we will and need to be getting more music from Margo Price, but also more of good heart and sung wisdom. Click Here For More Information On Margo Price And To Buy All American Made On October 20 Click Here.