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Album Review: Elizabeth & The Catapult Show Artists Mature With Love in “Keepsake”

Artists mature. This may seem obvious, but it, actually, is not. Listeners have the tendency to want their fave singers to stay in an artistic moment, and never move on from that capsule of initial connection. I state this because Elizabeth & The Catapult’s newest record, Keepsake, is pure maturity.
Elizabeth and the Catapult – Underwater (Official)

Keepsake is piano melodies for the late, twenty-something cusping to the revolutions and stabilities that define the “adulting” trail. Blessed with a voice that mixes dreamy with wisdom, tracks like “Mea Culpa”, “Tread Carefully”, and “Underwater” reveal the quiet spirituality of Elizabeth’s voice. You peer in as she shapes the wit and whims of falling in love, meeting friends, fortifying the bond between dreams and career, and sincerely trying to be the best person through it all. Honestly, this record feels like a This Is Us episode for Millennials. Laugh all you want, yet there is a warm goodness to Elizabeth’s voice and performance that makes her seem beyond a good artist; she seems like a good person. “We Can Pretend”, “Land of Lost Things”, and “Something More” grapple between self-reflections and modern, folk tales on wanting to go beyond the confines of daily life to live in the dreamed ones for yourself. In essence, these two can be interchangeable, especially when Elizabeth creates songs like they journal entries to remind her of how she has and needs to grow. Hence, my This Is Us reference; nothing like sung episode of life to remind you being flawed should not stop you from being better and happy.
Elizabeth and the Catapult – Ambrosia (Official Lyric Video)

Keepsake is a refreshing album for this week. Yes, in a world that usually scales things between good and bad, I am rating this album like Rotten Tomatoes and calling it Certifiably Fresh! There is something beautiful to hear a piano roar and whimper in keys as a young woman strengthens her voice both figuratively and literally. Keepsake is Elizabeth & The Catapult’s display that finding who you are is an endless journey, but it is filled with fun and loving destinations/ people. For More Information On Elizabeth & The Catapult And To Buy Keepsake On October 20 Click Here.